The Dudesons did a Hill Climb Racing Neck Flip with a real car! Tag a friend who would love to see this!
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Want to know a bit more about our team and game development processes? Check out this video! Part 2 is coming out a bit later, we'll let you know when.

Thanks Devs, was a blast doing this with you guys!

Devs x Fingersoft - Story of Racing part 1

Who are the people behind such an awesome game as Hill Climb Racing 1 & 2? How long will "Racing Era" last? What is coming in the future? Download HCR2: http...

In today's Your Choice we got two beasts to choose from: MONSTER TRUCK vs. SUPER DIESEL! Which one is your favorite? Vote with reactions!
Make More! got a new update, go check it out!
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Jeeps are red
Chests are blue
Neck flipping is awesome
And so are you

Happy Valentine's!
Hill Climb Racing 2 now has 50 million installs! That's an awesome milestone we couldn't have achieved without our fans' support and commitment. Thank you!

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Get the newest Hill Climb Racing 2 update with four challenging new cups and an awesome new vehicle: Super Diesel!
Voting time! SPORTS CAR❤ vs. MOTOCROSS
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