take some time to dream up the details
4 cl finlandia lime
2 cl lime juice
ginger beer
shake& build
Serve your comrads first
20 cl finlandia mango
10 cl lemon juice
10 cl pink grapefruit juice
30 cl cranberry juice
30 cl lemonade

garnish with lemon & lime & grapefruit
accept only the pure water found deep in the heart of the vodka
Approach the night another way
Go without the vodka
20 cl mango juice
5 cl lime juice
garnish with fruits & mint
A drink should be an even match of the vodka, the ice and all other flavours
words for the underdog from the
cassandro – drag wrestler
Treat the vodka with conviction
4 cl finlandia vodka
leave the ice
use a cold rock to chill
the vodka's clean taste gives a drink its tender bite
some words of inspiration from hafthor julis bjornsson
actor & strongman
a mountain of a man
the elements
come together
their song
is the vodka
Theo Jansen. Creator of life. His days are spent on the beach. There he pulls down the walls between art and technology, creating a new nature, walking kinetic sculptures. Now Theo’s ‘Stranbeests’ wander the sands of the dutch coastline, fed by the wind, under the watchful eye of their creator. #LessOrdinaryWisdom #TheoJansen
mady & monette - identical twins - 128
for heat beyond the heart of the drink
4 cl finlandia raspberry
4 lime wedges
2 tsp sugar
muddle chilli
extra chilli to garnish
tobba - volcanic scientist - 34
look first to the vodka
the clean taste
is always a certainty
mady and monette malroux.
perfectly syncronized
they live
they always have.
each finishes the others sentences without
ever breaking flow
it's difficult to tell where one ends
and the other begins.
mady & monette - identical twins - 128
great drinks
need the right foundation