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Finlandia Vodka
yesterday at 22:30. Facebook
find the clarity
then build from there
Finlandia Vodka
12/03/2016 at 15:15. Facebook
you don't filter pure glacial spring water,
you respect it
Finlandia Vodka
12/01/2016 at 22:00. Facebook
when did you last cross paths with nature?

sulo - the bearman - 74 #LessOrdinaryWisdom
Finlandia Vodka
11/30/2016 at 18:30. Facebook
sticks with you
on your way through
the woods?
taste does not seek approval from others.

3 cl finlandia grapefruit
2 cl vermouth rosso
1 cl italian bitter apirtivo
a dash of bitters

build on the ice
with an orange peel for garnish.

a happy thanksgiving to all those who celebrate

live magnificently. drink responsibly.
squirt - funeral dancer

"Once you're gone it's freedom, you lay our burden"

for the night that demands the very best

3 cl finlandia grapefruit
1.5 cl red vermouth
1.5 cl maraschino
1 dash bitters
before stirring
garnish with an orange twist & the maraschino cherry
embark to your
unknown destination
for the future holds
unlimited possibility
kippis to the simple
pure delight
here's to the next adventure #LessOrdinaryWisdom

for more on this adventure > [ On.fb.me Link ]
a classic with bite
for those who are celebrating

4 cl finlandia vodka
4 cl pomegranate juice
5 drops balsamic sauce
3 basil leafs and 3 strawberries

six-row barley
pure glacial water
make the vodka less ordinary
there is always
a warmth
at the heart of its flavor
begin with an introduction, short and sweet

2 cl finlandia vodka
1.5 cl the syrup of a raspberry or strawberry
3 drops tabasco
1 drop balsamico

recognized as
an ultimate spirit

for more information > [ Bit.ly Link ]