Finlandia Vodka
01/17/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
mady and monette malroux.
perfectly syncronized
they live
they always have.
each finishes the others sentences without
ever breaking flow
it's difficult to tell where one ends
and the other begins.
mady & monette - identical twins - 128
Finlandia Vodka
01/14/2017 at 19:30. Facebook
great drinks
need the right foundation
Finlandia Vodka
01/13/2017 at 22:15. Facebook
good vodka
steals the show
with a gentle nod
here's to the things done the finnish way
4 cl finlandia vodka
a lemon to garnish
swims through his fear
you see
he is still afraid of the dark
in the water
which poses a challenge
because he's in the water
most days
and nights
he is the first to cross the freezing 58km gulf of finland
in 22 hours
without a wetsuit
tuomas kaario - ultra swimmer
inspiration for the year's new revelers
squirt - funeral dancer - 51
how will you raise a toast this year?
hannah - champion reindeer racer - 36
words of wisdom
for all who are celebrating
the berry should never
mask the vodka
it should be
like words to a song
the other face of the classic drink

4 cl finlandia
1 dash dry vermouth
with a lemon twist

for more on hannah > [ Link ]
the evening always needs an extrovert

4 cl finlandia vodka
1 cl simple syrup
3 cl birch sap egg white
shake and garnish with a lemon twist
find the clarity
then build from there
you don't filter pure glacial spring water,
you respect it
when did you last cross paths with nature?

sulo - the bearman - 74 #LessOrdinaryWisdom
sticks with you
on your way through
the woods?
taste does not seek approval from others.

3 cl finlandia grapefruit
2 cl vermouth rosso
1 cl italian bitter apirtivo
a dash of bitters

build on the ice
with an orange peel for garnish.