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The gnomes's forest #sonya7r
Hey buddy !
taking some risks...carefully and gently
Ready for takeoff #sonya7r
Imperial Tattoo Connexion

266 rue St Paul est,Montreal
tue/sat: 01:00pm-07:00pm
-Day: 514/497/0520
- Evening/weekend: 514/641/3666

Chuck #sonya7r

(picture taken while i was in Calgary)
Erick and I making breakfast for the hungovers
Chilling at the cottage #sonya7r
Tranquility #sonya7r
Tenderness #sonya7r
How beautiful the view is ... #sonya7r
Perfect evening....
Too many wonderful landscapes ❄
Urban Goddess #sonya7r
New lenses to play with! #sonya7r
Back to basic with 35mm , I´m not gonna lie I enjoyed way too much trying my new/old baby #zenithcamera
wild beast

#sonya7r #sonyimages
Drive me home ,while Ásgeir's cover of "Heart-Shaped box" is playing in my headphones
As far as i can remember i always used music as a respite from my " pain "
It helps me to ease my thoughts and the way i m thinking about the situation (or about what i thought was missing in my life)
I always heard that people are blessed to get affection and warmth from a family , but it does not mean you...
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Only few hours left before my flight, better make them count ✨
Quick stop at the lake before going to work