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Train your crew with this new fire simulation courtesy of Ted Nee...

Fire Simulation: Apartment Fire
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We take serious pride in every emergency vehicle we manufacture. See why Marion is different!

Make Your Move to Marion today!
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Room-and-contents fires are among the staple responses for firefighters. But what happens when complications arise on the fireground during such "bread-and-butter" operations? Mark Cotter has some thoughts.

Modern Fire Attack: Room and Contents
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With new wireless headsets from Firecom turn on listen-through to hear outside traffic, pedestrians and signals—even though you’re in the cab with the headset on, you’re not cut-off.

Windows down, hearing up
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The Rock-N-Rescue Patient Packaging System installed in your stretcher allows you to secure a patient in a fraction of the time it takes the traditional way. Color coded straps hold the patient securely, while wide stirrups hold them in place. Individual straps can be quickly re-positioned in the field to accommodate patient injuries.
Stretcher and manikin not included. $215.00

The R-N-R Patient Packaging System allows you to secure a patient in a fraction of the time
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According to a news report, the owners of the 'Ghost Ship'--an Oakland warehouse that burned in December, killing 36--were aware of electrical dangers at the property.

Report: 'Ghost Ship' Owners Knew of Electrical Dangers
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Via Sidewinder Photography, photos and video of firefighters working at the scene of a this fire in an auto dealership in New York state. See more...

Photos: Colonie (NY) Auto Dealership Fire
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Should we try to eliminate anger from the human experience, especially when it comes to relationships inside the firefighter home? A new commentary from Anne Gagliano.

Anger: A Signal Worth Listening To
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How does your department fare when it comes to live burns in acquired structures? Mike Cotter shared some images from a recent event his department had. See more...

Sun Prairie (W) Firefighters Undertake Live-Fire Training
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Pittsburgh fire officials say more training is planned after firefighters had to bail out of a fire last year, according to a recent report. HT Firefighter Close Calls - Home of The Secret List.

More Training After Pittsburgh Firefighters Forced to Jump Out Window
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#ThrowbackThursday: Fire Engineering is celebrating 140 years of training the fire service. Show us your oldest copy of FE on social media and you could win a special prize. In the lead right now...Rod VIlla. See below... #TBT #FEat140
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Join us right now for a Webcast with Captain Bill Adkins of the Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department on rural water movement operations.

Rural Water Movement Operations
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Don't get “lost in the fog” of the fireground and fail to complete our most important tasks, including size-up. Read a new training piece from Joe Pronesti.

The 360° Failure
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Ron Jeffers reported on a ceremony to honor a Jersey City (NJ) firefighter who perished in the line of duty 24 years ago. Read more...

Memorial Held for Jersey City (NJ) Firefighter Who Died in Line of Duty 24 Years Ago
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Sedgwick County firefighters said they’re being forced to remove memorial stickers, honoring one of their fallen brothers, from their fire trucks, according to a report.

Kansas Firefighters Told to Remove Memorial Stickers
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More than a dozen people rescued during a recent apartment fire in Colonie, New York. More from Sidewinder Photography.

Mayday, More Than a Dozen Rescued from Colonie (NY) Apartment Fire
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In this week's Humpday Hangout, join Frank Ricci and Steven Hamilton as they discuss scenes of violence #FETalk [ Link ]
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New Training Minutes with Ric Jorge on techniques to extend your air during a Mayday. Watch: [ Link ]
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A fire in an Overland Park (KS) apartment building under construction spread to several exposure buildings. See some photos from the scene.

Photos: Overland Park (KS) Fire
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The fire service recognizes the dangers posed by lightweight "toothpick" construction, as evidenced by numerous fires. Now Jack Murphy has a way to bring the message to officials and the public. Share with your citizens...(Photo: Michael Coppola)

Toothpick Construction: Enough Is Enough