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David Polikoff has some advice for the new officer...

Advice to the New Officer
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"We deal with some things most of us don't care to talk about. It does help to have a dog as a companion to help you through those bad nights when you come home in the morning, put a smile on your face."

FL Firefighter Adopts Dog He Rescued from House Fire
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Firefighter Fitness: Mike Krueger on confronting laziness when it comes to getting in shape for the job.

A Lazy Guy
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What legacy will you leave behind for your crew--and the fire service at large?

A Deputy Chief's Legacy
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With cheers of "Bravo! Bravo!" rescue crews pulled survivors from the debris of an avalanche-crushed hotel in central Italy on Friday. Scene pics...

'Miracle Underway'
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What are your size-up considerations here? Check out some more photos from the scene of this recent West Hempstead (NY) house fire:

Crews Battle West Hempstead (NY) House Fire
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Fire Engineering and FDIC mourn the untimely passing of longtime HOT instructor EJ Mascaro. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this loss.
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Visiting with the Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative Team at Fire Rescue East
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Michael Morse on forcible entry in fire-based EMS...

Staying Alive During Forcible Entry
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Via FE Board Member Paul T. Dansbach, a look back at a deadly fire in Paterson, New Jersey...

Fire Engineering
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Fire photographer John Spaulding shared photos of fire crews working at the scene of a fire in Spencerport, New York. See more...

Photos: NY House Fire
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Throwback Thursday: Did you know there are 19 "seasons" of Training Minutes for you to view on the FE site? Watch a clip of this VES training and see more at [ Link ] #TBT
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Video of conditions firefighters faced when trying to rescue children at a recent Los Angeles house fire.
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Thirty firefighters have died after a burning building collapsed in Tehran, Iran. See photos from the scene.

Tehran High-Rise Collapse
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A recent report took a closer look at the career of Virginia firefighter Burnette Smith, who is celebrating 50 years on the job.

Veteran Firefighter Reflects on 50 Years of Service
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Fire officials were en route to a call when smoke started to fill the cab. More from Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment...

Kansas City Fire Apparatus Catches on Fire as Crew Responds to Call
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Anne Gagliano offers some techniques that have helped her and her husband keep stress in its proper proportion over the years.

Ten Signs You're Stressed and Five Ways to Deal with It, Part 1
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Billy Greenwood on building familiarization for your company...

Turning Your Downtime Positive
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