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Remembering the One Meridian Plaza fire and its impact on the city and the fire service at large...

Remembering One Meridian Plaza
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Tragedy strikes for an Oklahoma department that was targeted by thieves last year.

Oklahoma Firefighter Killed in Rollover Accident While Responding to Fire
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From the FE archives: Jack McGovern presents the “10-Second Flow Method” for advancing on a fire.

Ten Seconds of Water
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Cancer is a significant issue for the fire service. Now Chief Ron Kanterman shares what it's like to firsthand getting the bad news, and two important takeaways from getting diagnosed.

I Can’t Have Cancer, I’m Way Too Busy!
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High-rise building operations training out in California...
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FDNY Firefighter James Lee Jr. is the recipient of the 2017 Ray Downey Courage and Valor Award for his actions in a rope rescue at a deadly Manhattan fire. The award will be presented at the Opening Ceremony of FDIC International 2017. Pic courtesy Read more below.

FDNY Firefighter James Lee Jr. Named 2017 Courage and Valor Award Recipient
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In this week's Humpday Hangout, join Frank Ricci, P.J. Norwood, and their guests as they discuss firefighter health and safety. #FETalk [ Link ]
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New Training Minutes from Ric Jorge on firefighters and stress: Three techniques to help control your breathing. Watch: [ Link ]
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Carbon monoxide-related fatalities are at their highest from November though February due to increased use of fuel-burning appliances. Each season this “silent killer” accounts for over 400 fatalities and tens-of-thousands of hospital visits. Protect yourself, your team and your community.

Train to respond to carbon monoxide and other natural gas and electric-related emergencies.
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Our program provides free online training for firefighters, offers self-paced coursework, covers valuable utility response lessons, and satisfies department in-service training requirements. Register and complete your online training today.

National Grid’s free e-Learning Program for First Responders can help
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Fire crews rescued residents from a San Jose (CA) neighborhood inundated by water from an overflowing creek Tuesday after performing some earlier rescues.

Five Rescued from CA Creek After Storms Pound State
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Are you prepared to rescue a member who may have fallen through the floor? A Mayday was declared and two firefighters sustained nonlife-threatening injuries last night during a residential fire in Glen Rock, New Jersey.

Two Firefighters Injured in Glen Rock (NJ) Fire
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"I was looking out the window, and people were saying, 'He's coming, he's coming,'" he said. "And then I saw him, and I said, 'Thank God, he's an angel.'"

Man Reunited with FDNY Firefighter in Rope Rescue
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Possible new look for one Indiana department...what say ye? HT Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine and and FireRescue Magazine.

Indiana Fire Department Tests European Helmets
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Greg Havel discusses potential concerns for structures firefighters may encounter at construction sites in cold environments.

Construction Concerns: Temporary Heat—Air Quality
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"Whatever the styles and effectiveness of our favorite preconnects, they can sometimes come up short." New commentary piece from Mark Cotter.

MFA Tools and Rules: Preconnects
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GearGrid's Slinger Workstation is a safe, mobile work area designed for inspection, cleaning and maintenance and portability of cylinders and equipment.

A GearGrid Innovative Solution: The Slinger Workstation
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Fitness Expert Coach JC offers a new exercise video...

Coach JC's Exercise of the Day: The Hanging Leg Raise
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Crews initially made an interior attack on this recent Southfield (MI) apartment fire but had to be called out as conditions deteriorated. See more pics from the scene courtesy of Dennis Walus.

Photos: 4-Alarm Southfield (MI) Apartment Fire
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"No community deserves to suffer the effects of a disaster like The Station nightclub fire." Subscribers can read Jim Tidwell's thoughts on lessons learned from this devastating 2003 fire.

The Station Nightclub Fire: Revisiting the Lessons