Firefighter Mortgages
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If you're able to make it to this amazing event, it's going to be a lot of fun! If you just want to show your support for the cause which can affect ANY of us, please donate online. Our friend and colleague, Capt. Butch Smith, fought a courageous battle with cancer until 1/01/17... and through it all he was able to make tremendous strides in raising awareness and furthering research for...
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ALL IN FOR FIREFIGHTERS - Annual Butch Smith All-In Poker Classic.>
Firefighter Mortgages
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"It really doesn't matter what color your hand is. If you are a firefighter and you are in trouble in a burning building, you are going to reach out and they are going to grab it." Asst. Chief Joseph Tolbert, City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department
Please be safe and enjoy, all! #HappyNewYear !
Wishing happy and safe holidays from our crew to yours! #MerryChristmas #Firefighters #SantaClaus #FirstResponders
The 2017 Calendars are ready for you to download and print! We hope you can put 'em to good use! Stay safe, all...

Firefighter Shift Calendars
Thank you for helping to save countless lives, Dr. Heimlich. Your legacy and techniques live on... RIP, sir.

Henry Heimlich, Cincinnati doctor and inventor of famed anti-choking Heimlich maneuver, dies
Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Remembering all of our fallen. Thanks to Chief Goldfeder, Firefighter Close Calls - Home of The Secret List for sharing this history: [ Link ] And THANK YOU to all who have served and continue to serve our great nation. Stay safe... Honolulu Fire Department Honolulu Fire Department
A well deserved memorial. The Yarnell 19. RIP brothers...
Andrew Ashcraft, 29
Anthony Rose, 23
Christopher MacKenzie, 30
Clayton Whitted, 28
Dustin DeFord, 24
Garret Zuppiger, 27
Grant McKee, 21
Jesse Steed, 36
Joe Thurston, 32
John Percin Jr., 24
Kevin Woyjeck, 21
Eric Marsh, 43
Robert Caldwell, 23
Scott Norris, 28
Sean Misner, 26
Travis Carter, 31
Travis Turbyfill, 27
Wade Parker,...
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Memorial Park Dedicated to Fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots | Wildland Firefighter
#HappyThanksgiving all! Please be safe and enjoy...
With much respect and gratitude on #VeteransDay - and every other day.
We'll have an extra hour to change the smoke and CO detector batteries in OUR OWN HOMES and STATIONS- no excuses! Be safe, all...
With so many things in the news right now, THANK YOU to the World Champion Chicago Cubs and to AL champion Cleveland Indians for allowing us to embrace and celebrate America's pastime in such a big way. An amazing display of determination and grit by all. We're all winners here- especially the Cubs! Congrats! Chicago Fire Department Firefighters Union - Local 2 Chicago Fire Department
"You're never really completely ready for what we're exposed to... there's always those few [calls]... that stick with you" -Capt. Nick Hercules, Webster Groves Fire Department (MO)
#PTSD Peggy Sweeney The Sweeney Alliance

The fight that haunts firefighters and paramedics
Congratulations to our final October giveaway winners!

Roger Cervantes
Daniel Kerns
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Please keep your own homes and stations safe! #FIREPREVENTION #FIRESAFETY
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Please keep your own homes and stations safe! #FIREPREVENTION #FIRESAFETY
Sacramento Fire Department Fire Cam Police and Fire Cameras

Sacramento Fire on Twitter
Fresno Fire Department's new rig- awesome! With commentary from our own Capt. Jonathan Lusk. Be safe, all... Brotherhood of Fire

Fresno Yosemite International Airport gets improved emergency vehicle
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Edward Sharpe
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Please keep your own homes and stations safe! #FIREPREVENTION #FIRESAFETY
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Please keep your own homes and stations safe! #FIREPREVENTION #FIRESAFETY