"The London terrorist is shot, on the ground and paramedics are trying to save him? WTH.... let the b*****d bleed out," one person wrote on Twitter.

Medics Criticized for Treating Terrorist in London Attack

We regret to inform you of the death of Lieutenant Christopher Lane Foster, 54, of the Demopolis Fire Department.

USFA: Alabama On-Duty Death

The difference between prepared and unprepared lives in those crucial seconds of communication between command, crew and dispatch. New Firecom 500-Series wireless headsets give command, crew and dispatch instant hands-free communication when crucial seconds count.

Always prepared and ready to respond with new wireless headsets from Firecom

"That day, four PBF members were forced to bailout of two separate windows on the second floor and a fifth firefighter from a window on the 3rd floor."

Pittsburgh, Ross Avenue Bailout Report

If there’s smoke in the public hallway when we open the stairwell door, the door to the fire apartment is probably open. In this case, the company officer must make a decision as to whether to enter the hallway and close the door in an attempt to contain the fire.
More from BFC Keith Witt

What’s Blowing in the Wind?

Deputies said the 44-year-old Holland was crouched behind a car in a driveway with a gun, and that he began advancing aggressively toward them

Deputies Cleared in Shooting of Nashville Firefighter

Metal gusset plates have primary only been used for roof trusses and in some cases floor structural components. However, that has now recently changed and some are now expanding the use of metal gusset plates in shear walls.

Smart Shear Walls | Green Maltese

Less than two years ago, officials declared the tallest building in the city a fire hazard

Memphis Firefighters Battle High-Rise Fire

Initial operations at a Baltimore house fire PLUS a few FDIC 2017 previews.

Baltimore Rowhouse Fire

To fully grasp the profound impact of O2X, it is important to define two terms critical to our mission and method: tactical athlete and human performance.

O2X Human Performance

Going on now in Durban, South Africa. Videos on #FirefighterNation: [ Buff.ly Link ]
Happy Anniversary to our friends at True North Gear + DragonWear

Passion and Perseverance

Darkening it down and moving in on North Delaware Avenue in Tulsa

Tulsa Initial Attack

Going to work in Botetourt County, Virginia
It ain't all asphalt, concrete and a hydrant on every corner...

Eagle Rock Attack 5 Responding

The s.QUAD Voice Pager combines reliable alerting with cellular advantages. Alert messages are sent to the pager via Voice and Text messages over LTE/FirstNet. First responder only need to press one pager button to respond.

s.QUAD Voice with s.ONE – The Future of Alerting!

When the next crew arrived at 0700 hours the next day, they found the SGT unresponsive in his bunkroom.

NIOSH LODD Report: Sudden Cardiac Death Claims Michigan Sergeant

A driver accused of killing two volunteer firefighters in a hit-and-run in southern Mississippi is facing additional charges and a $3 million bond.

New Charges for Driver Who Killed Mississippi Firefighters

The welfare check was requested by friends of the resident. As firefighters attempted to force their way into the home, Kenneth Mullins, 68, fired shots at the firefighters, mistaking them for intruders.

BodyCam: Shots Fired at Cincinnati Firefighters

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