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The cattle deserve some love too, don't they? The people and customers at Jayant Cycles, Bangalore set off on #EverydayAdventures to the cattle fields near their city. You'd have heard the happy moos if you were around!

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Freewheelers bikes station, the dealers at Kayamkulam took their customers on a ride to celebrate the history of their city. They toured the monuments and the important streets of the city, telling each other stories and spreading love.
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Traveller and blogger of "Exotic gringo" Kaushal Karkhanis rides around on his #EverydayAdventures, leaving inspirational quotes for strangers, to maybe lift their day in his own little way.
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The Associates of our COCO stores in Jhandewalan, Sultanpur and Lajpat Nagar, Delhi performed good deeds as part of their #EverydayAdventures. They set out to feed stray dogs, give water to birds and even hand out food to monkeys around the city. They also cleared trash and helped make their city cleaner.

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On one of his rides at Juhu Beach, Anshuman 'Anu' Jeswal discovered BBoy Flexx having open sessions with kids on BBoying, freestyling and martial arts. He was so inspired by their energy, that he now regularly spotlights them on social media. All part of his #EverydayAdventures.

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Abhiraj Majumder has been a delegate of ‘Save The Sparrow’ in Delhi since May 2016 and has helmed many seminars to spread awareness. His workshops also teach people how to build bird houses with the aim of reversing their endangerment. What better example of an active #SpokespersonForLove.

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One day, on his #EverydayAdventures, Jason Menezes came across this child trying to spell out his name on the ground with a brick stone. He immediately brought a notepad and pen to help him do so. This act instantly made him a #SpokespersonForLove.

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Are you a true #SpokespersonForLove? Join Sharda Cycles and Company at Mysore for a ride to an old age home. Spend some time with the smiling old men and women as part of your #EverydayAdventures and come out, stronger and more content with life.
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A real #SpokespersonForLove, Kavin Kondabathini wakes up early in the morning and offers flowers to sweepers on his #EverydayAdventures. Through this, he shows his appreciation for those who work so hard to keep the city clean.

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A good book can make someone’s day. So, Sachin Garg had a great idea on his daily ride of leaving books in parks for people to take home and read. Now, that’s a novel way to become a true #SpokespersonForLove.

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Why does Valentine's Day always have to be about romance? Brinda Thaker Pet Baker & Canine Trainer decided to celebrate love in a different way this year. She baked delicious warm cookies for the stray dogs in her city and got tails wagging happily with her #EverydayAdventures.

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Happy Valentine's Day!
On one of his cycling trips, Divjyot Singh spotted a few kids playing football with a plastic bottle. The next day, he got his own football and decided to join in the fun. Before he knew it, he was hooked to the game and reliving his childhood days. He now plays regularly with these kids as his #EverydayAdventures.
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Our rider Manjeet Singh Balyan clinched the gold medal at the ASIAN Cyclothon Faridabad 2017.
Congratulations for the win, Manjeet! Keep the #EverydayAdventures spirit flying high.
We were proud co-sponsors of 'Symphony', the annual cultural festival of K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering. With fun engagement activities like bicycle racing and trials, the fest was a real win. Had you stopped by too? Tell us about your experience.
Ridhimaa Bhasin, Shristi Rai and Azhar Mistry have been volunteering to teach underprivileged children of The Candle Project These spokespeople for love gear up and ride down every weekend, and ride back feeling fulfilled.

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Sreekanth Nair saw some young girls selling flowers on a street corner. He immediately ran and got some pens and notebooks from a store nearby. They were extremely thankful to this #SpokespersonForLove. This added a beautiful twist to his #EverydayAdventures.

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Daksh Jaiswal heard that his office guard had a terrible day, while he was parking his cycle. He wanted to do something nice for him, so he bought him a coffee and heard out his story. Thus began a new series of #EverydayAdventures as Daksh evolved into a true #SpokespersonForLove.

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Vikas Balram wanted to do his bit for society. So every once in a while, he rides around his neighborhood clearing the trash by the wayside. Now, that makes him a true #SpokespersonForLove

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One day while on his daily bike ride, Debdeep Banerjee came across this elderly gentleman and decided to give him a hand with his heavy bag. Just by the simple deed, he instantly brightened someone's day and became a #SpokespersonForLove.

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Arvind works hard daily to ensure Dinesh Kumar Tarenia has a comfortable life and is not distracted from his daily schedule because of domestic glitches. To show his gratitude, he took Arvind out for lunch on his day off and became a real #SpokespersonForLove.

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