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01/22/2017 at 15:17. Facebook
This year, Bineet Chakma has resolved to travel everywhere and start his #EverydayAdventures with a new view everyday. Tell us your travel stories.
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Abhishek Naidu has resolved to clean his bike after every ride to keep it looking as good as new as a part of his #EverydayAdventures. Tell us how you take care of your bike.
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01/20/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
Ria Aswani has resolved to brighten people's days on her daily bike ride as her #EverydayAdventure How would you spread happiness?
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Join us to celebrate every thing from cars to bikes to gadgets in a spectacular way at the Auto Car Performance Show. Come to Bandra Kurla MMRDA grounds between 19-22 January and be a part of our #EverydayAdventures #APS2017
Find the way at [ Link ]
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01/19/2017 at 14:36. Facebook
Twinkle Rathore wanted to turn her fitness regimen into #EverydayAdventures, so she started riding her cycle to the nearest park to do her yoga.
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01/18/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
Richard Theknath wanted to spend more time with his family this year. So he resolved to go on bike rides with them every evening after work to bond with some #EverydayAdventures.
Tell us about your resolutions and we will feature them.
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01/17/2017 at 14:31. Facebook
Varun Parulekar found his own private spot in Gass Road, Vasai in Mumbai as a part of his #EverydayAdventures. What he loves the most here is the graffiti wall. Share your secret spots with us and be featured.
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01/16/2017 at 14:51. Facebook
Dreaming bigger and setting higher goals is what Devasheesh Pant resolved to do this year. Every new day, he leaves home and travels a little further for #EverydayAdventures.

What resolution have you taken this year? Tell us and we will feature it.
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01/15/2017 at 14:37. Facebook
We are more entwined with nature than we realise . Rance Dsouza has resolved to spend more time exploring nature around him this year as a part of his #EverydayAdventures.
Tell us about your Firefox resolution and we will feature it.
Varun Doiphode has resolved to improve his stamina this year by increasing his riding time daily by 15 minutes. Let’s wish him luck and success for his #EverydayAdventures. Share your ideas with us.
Vikrant R. Kale has resolved to shed those extra kilos this year as a part of his #EverydayAdventures. Tell us how you used Firefox as your resolution wingman.
We have very little time to catch up with our buddies due to our busy schedules. Dhiraj Kyawal and Swapnil Gade have resolved to meet for a ride every evening after work as a part of their #EverydayAdventures.

What's your resolution story?
Spreading knowledge is a beautiful thing. Rishit Tanuja Kaushik has resolved to teach his friend Aniket Thakur to ride a bicycle and make this a part of his #EverydayAdventures. Who would you teach to ride?
This January, quench your thirst for victory with an adventure filled weekend. Test your mental and physical strength at India's first obstacle racing event and win Firefox vouchers worth Rs 10k.
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Maithri Warrier took a resolution to create one story every day in 2017. So she went on #EverydayAdventures, meeting new people, discovering new lives and creating stories of her own.
Tell us about your New Year resolution. We will feature it.
Pritesh Patil resolved to indulge more in his hobby this year. So every day, he took a break from work and set off on #EverydayAdventures to capture the city in his sketch book.

Tell us about your resolution ride and we will feature it.
Is your resolution for 2017 to spend more time with yourself? Why not go solo for #EverydayAdventures? Jia Ghosh set off with her unfinished book one evening to spend some ‘me’ time by the lake.

Tell us about your resolution ride and we will feature it.
Ganesh Khadapkar began his 2017 by learning how to maintain his bike. From fixing his brake pads to inflating the tyres, he wants to master them all.

Have you resolved to have #EverydayAdventures with Firefox as your wingman? Tell us about it and we will feature you.
Have you resolved to bond with your pet this year? How about taking them along for a bike ride? Duane Woodman set off on #EverydayAdventures on his Firefox with Pierre running along, having fun.
Tell us about your resolution story and we will feature it.
Resolved to get fitter this year? Oyendrila Dey took the fun way to keep her resolution. She turned her workout sessions into #EverydayAdventures by cycling with weights strapped on.
Tell us about your Firefox resolution ride and we will feature it on our page.