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Those little spasms, aches and pains are what often become the bigger injury; here are three truths about your back.

Back pain: What you think you know is wrong
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Due to the fire union's request, the county has temporarily placed reducing staffing at nine stations from three to two firefighters on hold.

Calif. county delays reduction in fire dept. staffing
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BREAKING: A fire department spokesman said 10 firehouses responded to the blaze. We'll update you once more information is available.

Collapse of burning Iran high-rise kills 30 firefighters
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Chief Robert Ostrenga is accused of selling a department truck to himself for less than half the market value.

Former Texas fire chief charged with fraud
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Patricia Broughton and Harold Barton were indicted on 50 counts in connection to the theft last month.

2 plead not guilty in stealing $250K from Ky. volunteer fire dept.
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Firefighters noticed a suspicious person in an SUV near one of the alarm boxes and took him to the police station.

Mass. man charged with pulling 7 fire alarms in an hour
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“He loved being a firefighter. He took great pride in that."

Rest easy, brother.

Retired veteran Ohio firefighter dies
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After breathing into a mask for 10 minutes, beagles will smell each sample for signs of cancer.

Canines to help firefighters detect early signs of cancer
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Explosions blew out roll-up doors on the south side of the 24,000 square foot warehouse and the roof collapsed.

Fla. firefighters battle 'hazmat scene' warehouse fire
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The Halligan tool has been an important part of a firefighter’s toolkit from initial creation to present.

How the Halligan tool changed the firefighting game
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Rest easy, brother. We'll take it from here.

Wash. firefighter-paramedic dies of cancer
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Firefighter Jeff Rich, 40, fell 20 feet onto an air conditioner unit; heavy smoke blocked his vision of the window.

Get well soon, brother.

Chicago firefighter falls through window, breaks ribs
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Officials concluded in 2012 that Jacksonville “had engaged in a pattern or practice of employment discrimination” that hindered black firefighters’ advancement.

Feds, Fla. city reach tentative settlement for firefighter discrimination suit
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The team will be made up of representatives from the Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and a fire chief from a nearby community.

Panel to review how fire spread from park to Tenn. town
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No firefighter should ever be on a roof without a partner, without full PPE or without a primary and secondary way off.

Firefighters on roofs: 3 no-excuse rules
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With no conclusive data on if firefighter cancer prevention measures work, it begs the question if the steps are worth the effort.

Does firefighter cancer prevention matter?
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The system is able to override a vehicle’s loud music and send an “emergency vehicle approaching” warning through its speakers.

Swedish alert system to warn drivers of ambulances, fire trucks
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Firefighters knocked down the house fire with an aerial approach.

NJ firefighters battle house fire
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Firefighters were en route to a call when smoke began to fill the rig.

Mo. fire truck catches fire while responding to call
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“For someone to come in and steal something, this is not our money, this is the community’s money. We don’t get paid. We’re doing this on our own free will.”

Texas volunteer fire department burglarized