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The ability to laugh does release chemicals that help you feel better, but laughter is only the beginning.

Do you need a sense of humor to be successful in the fire service?
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Chris Fields said the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a call that will always stick with him.

Thank you for your service, Chris.

Firefighter from iconic Oklahoma City bombing photo retires
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Damon Winters said he was wrongfully denied a full-time position with the department.

Firefighter settles discrimination lawsuit for $250K
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Regular and thorough inspection is critical to SCBA performance, but so too is the paper trail for that work.

How well do you know your SCBA?
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First responders had problems reaching the shooting victims because the parking lots were full.

1 dead, 15 hurt after Cincinnati nightclub shooting
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Many of those tools, gadgets and devices are not standard issue and can even be made at home.

Hey probie, here's the gear they don't issue you
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ICYMI: The bill would allow first responders to carry firearms on duty under the condition they complete firearms training.

W.Va. bill would permit firefighters to carry guns on duty
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ICYMI: The chief said the stickers were unauthorized and unfair to families of two other fallen firefighters.

What do you think is the best solution?

Firefighters told to remove memorial stickers from trucks
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ICYMI: The 9/11 Commission said there's a 'likelihood' that Saudi-government-sponsored charities funded the attacks.

Families of 9/11 victims sue Saudi Arabia
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Andy Adams was severely injured when a wall collapsed on top of him during a fire last year.

Paralyzed firefighter: 'This type of injury really does expose you'
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Forget March Madness — check out these adorable firefighter babies.

Photo: Iowa fire dept. welcomes 6 babies in 7 months
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Increasingly structural firefighters are called on to battle wildfires encroaching interface areas; these are very different fires that require training and preparation.

What city firefighters need to know about wildland fires
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“I’ve been a fan of the fire service ever since I was a kid and never really outgrew it. So, to be able to meet and interact with all these guys is amazing.”

Firefighters help fulfill wish for disabled Wal-Mart employee
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Chief Matthew Mann underwent nine surgeries in 11 days following the crash.

We know you'll be back at it in no time, chief.

Fire chief seriously hurt in crash released from hospital
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More common than you may think, natural gas-powered vehicles are a serious fire and explosion threat that fire chiefs must plan for.

How to prep for CNG vehicle fires
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Since firefighters had to get to the initial crash site, it summoned the driver to follow them to that scene.

Cal Fire truck struck by car en route to crash scene
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Responders from around the city Saturday joined thousands of bystanders lining the streets to honor EMT Yadira Arroyo.

FDNY EMT's funeral held, mourners bid farewell
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Despite our love of the job and fixing the situation, there are those calls where firefighters pray to hear those three magic words: 'You can cancel.'

4 calls every firefighter is thrilled to get cancelled on
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Brad Kershaw was attempting to collect family photos from a wall when a piece of smoldering roof struck him.

Burned firefighter after call: 'I would do it again'
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Jason Hoevelmann looks at how crawling on all fours can be dangerous and detrimental when advancing hose line — and he shows you better methods.

FIREGROUND Flash Tip: Advancing a hose line