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These delicious courgette chips are perfect for a healthy toddler snack! They are quick to make, a source of fibre and vitamin C and they are great for little hands to pick up :)

Toddler - Tasty Courgette Chips - First 1000 Days
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Our guest expert Maeve Whelan, Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist in Women’s Health, shares some information around the importance of pelvic floor exercises and some tips around how to do them :)

Pelvic floor exercises - First 1000 Days
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Buying foods in season means you get the best quality at the best price! Here are a few of the veg that are now in season and some tasty recipes with these ingredients for both you and your baby to enjoy.

What veg are in season? - First 1000 Days
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This tasty weaning recipe is a source of vitamin C and iron and is a great way to get red meat into your baby's diet. From 6 months onwards your baby's iron stores from birth are beginning to deplete which is why it is really important to include iron rich foods in the weaning diet.

Baby - Tasty Mince with Swede & Tomato Puree - First 1000 Days
First 1000 Days
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As a new parent, it's really important to make sure that you are taking time to look after yourself so that you can take care of your loved ones. Our guest expert, Dr Louise Jane Clarke, owner of the Consulting Clinic shares some of her advice around preventing parental exhaustion.

Portion sizes are really important when it comes to healthy eating. Here is a handy guide from Safefood which shows exactly how much counts as a toddler portion - they need to be tailored to their size and needs.

Safefood Toddler Portion Size Guide - First 1000 Days
Try these tasty fish cakes for your baby as a great way to get Omega-3 to support brain development and Vitamin D to support normal bone development into their diet. You can mash to a suitable consistency or chop into little pieces if your baby is taking finger foods.

Baby - Fish Cakes - First 1000 Days
Happy Valentines Day :)
Staying in this Valentine's? Here's some dinner inspiration! This delicious Moroccan Lamb feels like a treat while still being healthy. It is high in vitamin C and iron and also a source of calcium. TAG someone below to give them a hint ;)

Moroccan Lamb, with apricots, almonds and mint. - First 1000 Days
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This icy strawberry cream makes a great treat for baby while weaning. It also may help to soothe sore gums :)

Baby - Icy Strawberry Cream - First 1000 Days
While breastfeeding, it is a great idea to try to include oily fish in your diet 1-2 times per week. Oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which will support your baby's cognitive development. Find out more.

Breastfeeding? Say Yes to Oily fish! - First 1000 Days
When it comes to bonding with a newborn, the focus is often on the Mum. There are lots of ways in which dads can become involved during those first few weeks. TAG a new dad :)

Dads: Bonding With Your New Baby - First 1000 Days
Is anyone else's little one loving their bladder this much lately?!
The Department of Health recommends that all babies receive a 5 microgram (5ΞΌg) supplement of vitamin D3 every day from birth until 12 months of age. Found out why Vitamin D is important here.

Baby and Vitamin D
Our sleep expert Lucy Wolfe has some tips and advice around eliminating bedtime battles with your toddler.

Eliminate bedtime battles with your toddler