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Our take on "Complainte pour Ste. Cathrine" by Kate & Anna McGarrigle from Swedish TV show "På Spåret" : [ Youtu.be Link ]

Please excuse our French pronunciation. We don't really speak French, but we tried!

Swedes can watch the entire show at [ Svtplay.se Link ]

First Aid Kit - Complainte pour Ste. Catherine (Kate & Anna McGarrigle) @ På Spåret

First Aid Kit and Augustifamiljen performing Kate & Anna McGarrigle's Complainte pour Ste. Catherine on quiz show "På Spåret" December 2, 2016. This song is ...

Our cover of "The Gambler" (Kenny Rogers/Don Schlitz) from Swedish TV show "På Spåret": [ Youtu.be Link ]

Swedes can watch the entire show at [ Svtplay.se Link ]

First Aid Kit - The Gambler (Don Schlitz/Kenny Rogers cover) @ På Spåret - YouTube

Vart är vi på väg? På Spåret! Ikväll SVT kl 20
One more from the Christmas show because it was the best thing ever performing with these queens. ❤ Photo: Olof Ringmar.
Klara performing "Hallelujah" at the end of term-ceremony at her school, age 14.

We are trying to find the words, Leonard Cohen, to describe the sorrow we are feeling at the event of your passing.

If you ever put a guitar in our hands and ask us to sing, we will always play "Suzanne." When we heard it for the first time we were transfixed. How does one do that? We thought. How does one...
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We can't sleep because we're too worried about the US election, so we're up all night performing US themed songs on Swedish TV. Please America do the right thing, vote for her. (Filip & Fredriks valvaka kanal 5 kl. 23!) Stream link: [ Dplay.se Link ] #thefutureisfemale
Performing " It Ain't Me Babe" #babel #bobdylan #nobelprize
We'll be performing Bob Dylan covers at Swedish literature TV show "Babel" tonight. SVT2 kl. 20, missa inte!
"The Times They Are a-Changin'" at Aktuellt, Swedish news show #nobelprize #bobdylan
"Trees are great teachers.
The trees are great listeners.
That is why we should meditate in their presence.
The Great spirit is in every rock, every animal,
every human being and in every tree.
The Great Spirit has been in some trees for hundreds of years. Therefore, the trees have witnessed and heard much.
The trees are the Elders of the Elders.
Their spirits are strong and very...
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We sang with our best friend Van William lead singer of WATERS, on his beautiful new tune "Revolution". Listen on Spotify, [ Spotify.com Link ]. ❤
Recorded a new song in the recording booth at Third Man Records. Can't wait to share it with you guys. It sounds really old.
Our hero Maybelle Carter Carter Vintage Guitars
#tbt LA with Bat For Lashes & Lana Del Rey #neilsgirls
Walking around New York City feeling hopeful and grateful to be alive. We are working on new songs and cannot wait to share them with you. That said, we want to take the time to make an honest and kick ass record for you guys and that will take its time. (Not too long though!) We just want to take this moment to give a huge thank you to all of you for listening to our songs. I hope you know...
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We're in California gathering inspiration for a new record ✨ Where should we go and what should we do?
It felt soo good to play live again! Amazing crowd ❤ Rodebjer