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Stop that bus! We’ve gotta get to Target for the Little People sale! Buy one get one FREE thru 4/1. [ Link ]
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A little dirt doesn’t hurt, right?
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That awesome moment when you realize that she’s a member of Ranger Nation! [ Link ]
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It's as good for you as yoga!
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One of the most important things to get when you’re a new mom? Fresh air! [ Link ]
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Play it safe.
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Spring is all abloom!
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It's our third March giveaway! If you could give your new-parent self one piece of advice, what would it be? Tell us in the comments now through March 26 for a chance to WIN a Music & Lights Elephant! [ Link ]
Never (ever!) let your kids play with your car keys... #poisonpreventionweek

Top 10 Poison Prevention Tips
There's a hero in all of us! (: @lifewithhop)
Happy Spring!
Do you know when you should call the doc?

How to Treat a Fever at Every Age
Here Dad, you take your hand and bat at it like this… [ Link ]
(Though we secretly love it)