Rose are red, violets are blue ….. ❤
Get everyone excited for school: Make a construction paper countdown chain and clip it to the fridge. Every day, have your kiddo pull off one link, counting down the days to school.
2 heads + 4 hands + 1 Code-a-pillar = non-stop fun!
Beach days might not be as relaxing with kids, but they’re a lot more fun!
That moment when naptime turns into playtime ... tag someone who can relate! (: @coppereyedphotography)
Rollin’ into a new month like
Here's to a less stressful and more enjoyable 2017. Happy New Year guys!
A Fisher-Price dollhouse passed down from mother to child. Looks like our toys are really built to last! Photo via Kye G.
Christmas, proudly brought to you by bubble wrap.
Turn playtime on its head! Find out more about Code-a-pillar at [ Link ]
Oh boy! Haven't the Fisher-Price Mum Squad been busy this year! Head over to BabyCenter and get the low-down prior to making your Christmas purchases.
Mix & match Code-a-pillar’s pieces to make him move!
The excitement is building for Christmas!

To WIN two Mega Bloks 123 Train sets simply tell us why your kids love Christmas so much and you’ll become a Secret Santa for one of your friends.
Just like the bright Christmas lights that line our streets at this time of year, Code-a-pillar flashes with a bunch of fun colours.

To be today’s Secret Santa and WIN a Code-a-pillar for you and a friend, simply comment with a photo of your kids at your local Christmas lights.
What will be waiting for your kids under the Christmas tree?

Tell us the best Christmas present you ever received as a kid to WIN a Stride to Ride Lion for you, and to leave one under the Christmas Tree for a friend.
Coding doesn’t have to happen behind a computer screen. Code-a-pillar is the playful way to teach all kids how to code. Read more here

Why we don’t teach our kids to be logical (and why we should start)