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Need to chillax? We’ve got you.
These three simple methods will brighten your mood and make the day a little easier.

3 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Stress - Fitbit Blog
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Sweat it out in style with this fresh new accessory for #FitbitCharge2—the cobalt sport band.

Shop Fitbit Charge 2 Accessories
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Sweat it out in style with this fresh new accessory for #FitbitCharge2—the cobalt sport band.
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#FitbitAltaHR uses heart rate to track your calorie burn more precisely, so you get more credit for all your effort.

It’s everything you love about Alta, now with heart rate and more.
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Take your workout with you.
Fitbit’s brand new Fitstar app features personalised training routines and guided coaching based on your exercise data.
For a limited time, sign up now and you’ll score your first three months for free.

[ Link ]
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Today is World Sleep Day. Feeling rested?
If not, here's a few tips to make hitting the sack run a little smoother (you may even lose a little weight in the process).

Three Ways Sleep Deprivation is Making You Fat-Plus 5 Ways to Get More Shuteye - Fitbit Blog
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Casual and comfortable, the new #FitbitAltaHR indigo leather band looks good on everyone.

New Alta HR accessories!
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Take your health to the next level with new #FitbitAltaHR, our slimmest heart rate tracker yet.

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Hunger pangs got you hangry?
Sometimes an intense workout can you leave you craving the worst kinds of calories.
Here’s four strategies to stop you over eating after exercise.

Are Your Workouts Making You Eat More? - Fitbit Blog
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New #FitbitAltaHR is our slimmest heart rate tracker yet, and it’s ready to help you hit your goals. From more precise calorie burn to new sleep insights, see all the things this wristband can do.

Fitbit Alta HR is Here! Meet the World's Slimmest Heart Rate Tracker
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Our slimmest wristband with continuous heart rate is here.
Get to know the new #FitbitAltaHR

All-new Fitbit Alta HR.
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Get the inside scoop on the new innovative sleep features available with the all-new #FitbitAltaHR—and start making every Zzz count!

New Fitbit Features Deliver Data Previously Only Available Through a Sleep Lab
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'Be Bold for Change’ is the battle cry for this year’s International Women’s Day.
That means not waiting for the world to change around you, but taking big bold steps to improve the well-being of women all over the world.
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Introducing the all-new #FitbitAltaHR, the world’s slimmest wristband with continuous heart rate yet.

Meet the new Fitbit Alta HR
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Still got a case of tennis fever?
Fitbit Cardio Tennis will cure it and give you a great workout in the process.
Get your free trial here - [ Link ]
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There’s reports of it being good for your heart.
Contains something called flavonoids. That sounds healthy.
Has way less sugar than milk chocolate.
So, the question is. Is dark chocolate good for you?
Please, please, please say yes.

Is Dark Chocolate Actually Healthy?
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It’s Pancake Day!
New Zealand's Fitbit ambassador Art Green's healthy flour free banana pancakes will get your Tuesday moving the right way.
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Here’s how to get the most out of your Fitbit wearable tracker.

Things you didn’t realise your Fitbit could do
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There’s still time to get moving on your goals with a fitness tracker and 3 months of personalised coaching from Fitbit!

Fitstar - $39 Value