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If you’ve never ventured into a gym, it can seem like a pretty scary place. What are all these machines? What do I do with them? Is everyone looking at me? Don't panic we've brought you the ultimate beginner’s guide to the gym.

Beginners guide to the gym
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Spend some time foam rolling today. Using a Foam Roller will help reduce inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, and it improves circulation and mobility.
Regularly rolling pre and post workout will help prepare your muscles and aid muscle recovery.
It’s tempting to roll onto painful areas and bare your weight on them however if you iron out areas of high pain and inflammation, you could...
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The Meal-Prep Plan to Perfecting Overnight Oats [ Link ]
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Tag a swolemate you could do this with.
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Don't forget to enter the Mindful Chef competition where 3 winners will share a prize pool of £10,000! You have until 23rd March 2017 to enter.

Mindful Chef. The Healthy Recipe Box Company.
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Reasons why you should work out. #1 – it boosts your mood and makes you HAPPY! #internationaldayofhappiness

Reasons to workout
Follow these simple rules to get results.
Rule #1 workout at least 3-4 times per week, but do something physical every day.
Rule #2 Small changes lead to big results. Don’t try to do too much too soon.
Rule #3 One more rep. Every workout try to do one more rep than you did last time or up the weight from last time.
Rule #4 Don’t let the scales dictate your progress. Weight is a factor but not...
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Tag a friend with alien biceps.
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For a little protein-spiration, check out the quick and simple recipes below to find a delicious protein fix whatever time of day you need it.

Five simple protein recipes
It’s Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome. It’s another week to progress, to advance, to develop towards a better more complete you.
#1001waystotrain #fitnessfirstuk
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Happy #InternationalWomensDay. Here's to the strong women, who know who and what they want to be. Who work hard, train hard & play hard. Make your mark!
Rule #1 to working out. NEVER skip Monday! We're hitting the ground running, who's with us? #1001waystotrain
Happy #FitnessFriday! Members can bring a friend for free today, so grab a mate, get down the gym and push yourselves to finish the week STRONG!
The CustomFit app is designed to help you get the most out of your training. Whether you need support or inspiration, CustomFit can provide it. With over 700 training videos showing the latest techniques for inside and outside of the gym, and fully customised workouts based on your goals, you can mix up your routine to keep every session interesting. [ Link ]

CustomFit by Fitness First: workout at gym or home
Freestyle Group Training (FGT) embraces our concept of #1001waystotrain in that the options are truly limitless. Run, jump, swing, press or slam your way to a fitter, stronger more confident you.
As we’re all considering what to give up for lent, remember that small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results. Change and improvement is an evolution and takes time. Give it time.