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Give the BEST Gift this Christmas! For Males or Females of ANY age! Even great for the person who has "EVERYTHING" - [ Mgl.io Link ] - via @myguestlist

Give the BEST Gift this Christmas!

Why WATER is so important!!!
This cracked me up lol
Anyone experienced this? lol
1 of the most popular HASHTAGS on Instagram! 34,090,509 Posts!
Are you a PT? Own a Gym? Fitness Model?
Would you like to own these plates for your car & trailer/bike rack ?
$15K or nearest offer - Queensland - Never Been Displayed #Fitspo

[ Gumtree.com.au Link ]
Join our 30 Day "BE A NEW WOMAN" Challenge!

We are so excited to be looking for our next lot of women to help support through our 30 Day Kick Start Program!

WARNING you may experience:
- Decreased BODY FAT % βš–
- Increased LEAN MUSCLE ⛏
- Increased ENERGY ????
- More Restorative SLEEP
- Increased FITNESS ⛹‍♀ ‍♀ ‍♀ ‍♀ ‍♀
- Increased TONE ⛏
- Increased STRENGTH ‍♀
- A NOURISHED body ...
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Absolutely you can!
The only thing stopping you is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself!
You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams! You just need to take the FIRST step & give yourself the opportunity to be BRILLIANT! #FeelTheFearAndDoItAnyway
Interesting for those wondering what 200 Calories looks like.
(Equivalent of 2 x Snacks for a female wanting to lose weight)
REMEMBER! All Calories are NOT created equal! <3 <3 <3
Make SMART Choices!
The struggle is real! Someone needs to invent toilets with handle bars so it's easier to utilize the facilities after leg day!
Hmmm Might Work?
So I hear this ALL the time!
"I don't want to lose much weight, I just want to be more toned, but I don't want to put on muscle"... Ummmm ok?
Let me clear something up..
FAT Down
= More Toned Physique
Muscle weighs more than Fat... So you may even Weigh MORE but look leaner, more toned & have less fat & more muscle...
This will require RESISTANCE EXERCISE (So weights, bands etc)...
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Anyone else feel like this??