Five Roses S.A.
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Five Roses New Beginnings. This powerful blend of Hibiscus, Rosehip and Calendula Petals, flavoured with Strawberry, Cherry and Blackcurrant, is a refreshing, reinvigorating delight. It is a celebration of New Beginnings, of buds, of birds, of life itself. Of all that is filled with optimism and eternal hope.
Five Roses S.A.
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Indulge in the delectable, while hosting your own Five Roses High Tea, with this recipe for homemade Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, with crunchy bits of rich Bakers Romany Creams®.

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Celebrate the perfect pairing this Valentine's Day - after all, nobody makes better tea than you and Five Roses S.A.!
With Valentines Day just one day away - make sure to give your special person the roses they will really love; cup after cup!
Take note of these top tips from BBC Good Food on how to successfully host your very own Five Roses High Tea: [ Link ]
Five Roses Infused Teas are a premium range of teas that contain 100% natural ingredients combined with the ultimate luxury of a fabric tea bag!

In the Five Roses Theatre of Dreams, you’ll discover a blend of lavender and chamomile to simultaneously inspire the mind and soothe the soul. A perfect blend of earthbound pleasures and heavenly delights.
When hosting a Five Roses High Tea, which would you choose to serve to your guests – English Breakfast, Early Grey or Classic Ceylon?
Try your hand at making this delicious Marmalade Cream Cheese Cake, using Bakers Nuttikrust® - the perfect treat to please even the most discerning of guests at your Five Roses High Tea.

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A High Tea isn’t complete without a delectable treat on which to nibble. Try these Raspberry Jam Tarts with a Cream Cheese Glaze, which are made using Bakers Eet-Sum-Mor® biscuits and are guaranteed to add a magical touch to any tea-rrific afternoon.

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Classic Five Roses Ceylon is one of the finest teas, made from the best leaves selected from estates around the world. With the tea masters’ guarantee, you can be sure to remedy any bad day with a cup of freshly brewed Five Roses Ceylon tea!
Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, Green Tea may positively impact the areas of your brain involved with complex problem-solving, making it a great choice for any busy day.
When it comes to the new Five Roses flavour range, which is your favourite?
The new Five Roses Strawberry and Blackcurrant flavour can be served hot or cold, adding a berry-filled burst of flavour to any day.
Green Tea isn’t only a treat for your tastebuds – it can be good for your teeth, too! Studies have shown that there are compounds in Green Tea that may help control inflammation and fight bacterial infection, meaning that you’ll have many reasons to smile in 2017!
Make your own delicious #FiveRosesIcedTea using the new Five Roses Apple, Vanilla and Cinnamon flavour tea bags – guaranteed to quench your thirst in a truly tasty way!
Sip on something tasty, while entertaining friends with this delicious #FiveRosesIcedTea idea from Zola Nene, made using apple, vanilla and cinnamon!

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The new Five Roses Apple, Vanilla and Cinnamon flavoured tea is the perfect summer-time beverage, whether its served hot or cold!
Make your own #FiveRosesIcedTea using the new Five Roses Passion Fruit and Cranberry flavour tea bags, for a refreshing way to stay hydrated! Simply follow the steps in the recipe.
Stay healthy and hydrated in 2017 by making your own #FiveRosesIcedTea, using the new Five Roses Passion Fruit and Cranberry flavour tea bags.

Visit our recipe for the website: [ Link ]