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The Democratic National Committee has a new chair, and our ratings suggest that he leans slightly to the left of the average Democratic House member.

Tom Perez Isn’t As Liberal As Keith Ellison, But He’s Still Pretty Progressive
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The more you run, the more of a pain it is, apparently.

The Achiness Of The Long Distance Runner
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Much of the advice given by treatment groups and programs ignores what the data says in a similar way that anti-vaccination or climate skeptic websites ignore science.

What Science Says To Do If Your Loved One Has An Opioid Addiction
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You have nine gold coins, but one isn’t pure. One has been minted with a cheap alloy, and is known to be heavier than the others. You have a simple balance scale. How do you determine the impure coin with only two weighings?

The Two Mysteries Of The Gold Coins
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Escaping Earth’s gravity is way easier than escaping its international legal issues.

Mars Needs Lawyers
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During the campaign, Trump famously questioned the validity of the unemployment rate, and in the weeks before he took office, many experts fretted about the possibility that Trump could seek to erode government data.

TrumpBeat: Is Trump Already Messing With Government Data?
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The Celtics and Sixers had quiet trade deadlines despite all their assets.

Draft Picks Aren’t Forever
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While the Raptors didn’t move heaven and earth, they better positioned themselves in the East just in case Cleveland is still vulnerable come the playoffs.

The Raptors Used The Trade Deadline To Get Ready For LeBron
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The DNC race may pull the part to the left: [ Link ]
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The movies spending the most to bring home an Oscar.

Who’s Trying To Buy An Academy Award?
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On Saturday, DNC members will decide who gets to take a crack at the morass of problems that is the Democratic Party organization post-2016.

How The DNC Race Turned Into A Group-Therapy Session
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President Trump has promised to insure more people at a lower price, but it’s not clear how he could make that happen.

Republican Health Plans Have Winners And Losers, Just Like Obamacare
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“There’s something about space that captures the imagination that other fields don’t. It lifts people.”

Americans Will Never Make Mars A Priority. Why Should That Stop Us?
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Trump's executive order does not go as far as his campaign promises, but it does explore making attacks on officers a federal crime.

Would Trump’s ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Effort Really Help Protect Police?
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The red planet is wonderful and terrible — and it could be humanity’s future.

Let’s Go To Mars! (Or Not)