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Have you entered our competition to win a pair of tickets to Classic Sweden? All you have to do is tag the person you’d like to do the trek with. You better be quick because time is running out. You have until 28
February to get your entries in. We’ll pick the winner at random.
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Come and join us! We're now on the hunt for new management trainees. You should love the outdoors, be ok with travelling, have a great grasp of English and a strong academic background. In return you'll have the chance to work with not just Fjällräven, but Primus, Hanwag, Brunton and Tierra too. And it's a lot of fun! Find out more here: [ Link ]
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Yeah, we know. It’s still technically winter in the northern hemisphere, but spring will be here before you know it. So, here’s a sneak peek of some of our favourites from our new spring/summer collection launching next month.
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又到 Blue Monday! 精選各款藍色產品同大家打打氣!鍾意藍色嘅你一定唔可以錯過!
Övik Fleece Hoodie W
Logo T- Shirt
Kanken Big
Gear Pocket

Blue Monday! Featured blue products will cheer you up! Don’t miss it if you like the blue!
Övik Fleece Hoodie W
Logo T- Shirt
Kanken Big
Gear Pocket
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The best of the best of the best. Here are our favourite Fjällräven Classic images from Sweden, Denmark and even the test event in the US last year. For more images like this, check out our Instagram feed @fjallravenofficial
Have you entered our competition to win a pair of tickets to Classic Sweden? All you have to do is tag the person you’d like to do the trek with. But you better get a wiggle on, you have just over a week left. We’ll pick the winner at random.
We’re being pretty ambitious this year. We’re running four different Classics all over the world. And although our event managers say they’ve loved planning these new events, they haven’t been without their ups and downs. Fjällräven Classic USA didn’t even have a set route until last month. Read the full story on the Foxtrail. [ Link ]
今次要介紹嘅就係 “Övik” 系列嘅背囊啦!採用G-1000重型保護物料,耐看耐用~

【Everyday backpack】No matter where you are, a good backpack will definitely be a nice partner!
Specially introduce the “Övik” backpack to all of you!
Top-loaded backpack in classic style, just as suitable for a daytrip as for everyday use. Made from durable...
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Any plan for V-Day? How about staying in the countryside with beautiful sunset? The best gift is always from nature and creates the sweetest memories with your beloved one!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Nature is pretty smart. It’s produced an incredible insulating material, that’s soft, light and warm: down. At Fjällräven we don’t use just any down. And we don’t source and work with it in just any old way either. This is our promise to you. Find out more about our down on the Foxtrail. [ Link ]
【山系經典之作:Greenland 外套】

【Outdoor classic from 1968: Greenland Jacket】
Recently, people are more interested in outdoor activities.
The functional Greenland jacket has become a trendy icon as well!
The jacket is made from wind and...
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【必看: 如何延長G-1000服裝嘅壽命?】
大家好多時都想買d 質料好又耐用嘅衫,但要點做先可以用多幾年呢?
其實我地出品嘅G-1000服裝都唔例外,只要使用Fjällräven嘅Greenland Wax,因應唔同嘅天氣同活動去調整使用份量,就可以提供唔同嘅效能同保護性~
以下嘅video話你知:簡單3個步驟,教你如何使用 Greenland Wax!
應用 - 加熱 - 重複

【MUST WATCH: How to wax your G-1000 garments?】
With Fjällräven’s Greenland Wax, you can easily adapt your G-1000 garments to suit different weather conditions and activity...
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There are few things we love more than hiking. But doing it in winter on snow-covered peaks and admiring the most amazing sunrises and sunsets is extra special. Tag a friend you’d like to do some winter hiking with.
Have you entered our competition to win a pair of tickets to Classic Sweden? All you have to do is tag the person you’d like to do the trek with. You have until the 28th of February to enter. We’ll pick the winner at random.
Singi 系列嘅睡袋就岩啦!90% 為鵝毛羽絨10%為羽毛,非常適合冬天使用! 將頭部附近嘅拉繩收緊,可減低睡袋內熱能散發,十分保溫。 加上可壓縮嘅睡袋設計,收納方便,絕對係輕量級嘅選擇,令你可以係旅途中得到好好休息!

【Must have item:Outdoor sleeping bag 】
“Singi”sleeping bag is very suitable for winter use with 90% of goose down & 10%feather. Totally is a warm, lightweight and compressible down sleeping bags. The mummy shape ensures low weight and volume...
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Remember we told you about our project to produce fully traceable, 100% Swedish wool sweaters? Well, the first prototypes are in. Discover the design story behind these exclusive Sweaters and get a sneak peek of how they look on The Foxtrail. [ Link ]
Did you miss out on getting tickets to Fjällräven Classic? Or maybe you’re running a little low on cash after Christmas. Well you’re in luck. We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the Classic that got it all started: Fjällräven Classic Sweden. All you have to do is tag your best trekking partner in the comments below, before 28 February, and you’ll win tickets to trek the Classic Sweden trail...
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We won! The Keb Expedition Down Jacket - part of our Fall/Winter 2017 collection - won the Scandinavian Outdoor Award for Sustainability at ISPO. If you're at ISPO, come and find us in Hall A2, booth 202.