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The clock is ticking... there are less than 100 tickets left for Classic Denmark: [ Link ]
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"Over every grassy hill, after each dark forest and beside the long stretches of coastline is something new to discover." Tickets are now available to Classic Denmark. Come and join us on a trek you won't forget. Find out more and buy tickets here: [ Link ]
01/16/2017 at 10:51. Facebook
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Tomorrow it's Denmark's turn. Tickets for Fjällräven Classic Denmark will be available at 10am CET. Fewer mountains, less stones, same inviting atmosphere. Come and join us on the trek of a lifetime. [ Link ]
01/15/2017 at 09:00. Facebook
We believe everyone should camp in the snow at least once in their lifetime. But it's not so fun (although perhaps more memorable) if your tent blows down in the wind. Johan Skullman shares his tips for securing your tent in the snow (thus avoiding any unfortunate mishaps).
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"Polar Bears are the thermometers of the climate. And they're painting a clear picture of our future." Read our interview with Fredrik Granath on the Foxtrail and learn about the Polar Bears of Svalbard: [ Link ]
Now all tickets to Classic Sweden are sold out. For those of you not lucky enough to get any, you could try one of our other Classics: Denmark, USA or Hong Kong (tickets for these on sale soon). For those of you with tickets, we'll see you on the trail.
Less than 300 tickets left to Fjällräven Classic Sweden. Come and join us on a trek you'll never forget. Find out more and buy your tickets here: [ Link ]
Remember we told you about our Swedish wool project? Well, now the the wool has been spun into fine, soft, wonderfully tactile yarn. Read the latest chapter in the story here:
[ Link ]
Come and join us on the trek of a lifetime. We promise you, you won't regret it. Tickets for Fjällräven Classic Sweden are now on sale. Find out more and buy your tickets here: [ Link ]
Classicers are you ready? Tomorrow and 10am CET tickets go on sale for Classic Sweden. Find out more about this unique trekking event here (the site's packed full of inspiration too): [ Link ]
Planning a winter tour in the snow? Then snow shoes are a worthwhile investment. Outdoor expert Johan Skullman explains the features that you need to look out for.
-70°c, wind battered, frozen Arctic tundra - hardly the ideal place to set up home. But for the Arctic Fox this is all very normal. Or it was. Until climate change came into play. Read more about these fascinating creatures and their struggle to survive on the Foxtrail. [ Link ]
Planning a winter adventure? Then you'll need a tent that can stand up to the challenge. Our Keb range is perfect. Choose between dome and tunnel styles to suit your needs.
Keb Endurance 4: [ Link ]
Keb Dome 2: [ Link ]
Love Fjällräven Classic? Then this should be exciting news. This year Classic will take place in Sweden, Denmark, Colorado and Hong Kong. Ticket information coming soon. Get ready to don your backpack and lace up your hiking boots and join us on the trek of a lifetime. More info here: [ Link ]
Nature's fireworks are the best. Happy New Year everybody! We hope 2017 is full of adventures, both big and small.
Photos: Peter Rosen
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Been cooped up inside over Christmas? In need of some quality outdoor time? With the right gear, winter camping is amazing. And it all starts with a good sleeping bag. Scroll through the gallery for three things you need to think about when choosing your bed for the outdoors. [ Link ]
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