FLASHBANG magazine
01/18/2017 at 19:31. Facebook
Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, je voudrais vous parler de #Flashbang , la publication du très talentueux Dom André, photographe des hommes d'action. Depuis de nombreuses années, il parcours le globe pour photographier les unités d'élite des forces armées et de securité.

J'ai reçu son livre avant-hier, une compilation de ses meilleurs photos, c'est un pavé qui m'émerveille chaque fois que...
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FLASHBANG magazine
01/17/2017 at 14:27. Facebook
An older one from French gendarmerie "PI2G" that you can find in the book.
FLASHBANG magazine
01/16/2017 at 14:01. Facebook
Volume 8 is almost ready and meanwhile, volume 2/4/5/6/7 are still available for order.
An old and classic one ;-)
Send me a message if you want to be on the pre-order list for the regular version of my book.
So the limited edition of the book with slipcase is now sold out.
You can already pre-order the regular version either in English or in French at 89€ + shipping. Don't miss it this time , send me a private message !
Coming next month in Flashbang volume 8...
This is your very last chance to get the limited edition (signed copy with slipcase and bookmark) of the book.
I have 10 of the english version left and that'll be it.
The price is 99€ + shipping and payment is to be made with paypal.
Shipping with tracking will be 15€ to Europe, 30€ to the US and most Asian countries and 45€ for the rest of the world.
Hit me with a private message IF you are...
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A photo I took some times ago for my friends Patriot3 Inc.
Good memories in Florida ;-)
The JetBoots diver propulsion system is a very neat piece of equipment!
There are 28 units featured in my book “Special units”.
The regular (no slipcase) english or french version can still be ordered via my editor Nimrod éditions. The price is 89€ + shipping. Just send an email to : editions.nimrod@gmail.com
Another round of pictures sent by happy customers !
As seen in my book and in the up-coming issue of Flashbang (8).
It's a very late Christmas present but the last books are showing up at their new home all over the world.
A huge thank you if you have supported Flashbang in 2016 or backed my book on Kickstarter !
I wouldn't be here without you :-)
They are still traveling around the world.
Shipping should be completed by the end of the week.
Be patient and don't forget to post your own photo when you receive your copy !
Another round of happy customers. Even the doggy enjoys the book ;-)
Send us your pictures !
Happy Christmas !
Enjoy some quality time with your friends and family and stay safe if you are out there protecting us tonight.
Happy customers !
Merci à l'équipe Terräng - MP-SEC France !
Thanks to the Terräng team !
As you can imagine, it's a long week for us...And it's not over.
We have received 5 tons of books, had to move them, signed them and ship them. Please keep in mind it's an absolutely huge task for just me and François, my editor and forgive us if you receive your copy later than expected. Some have already been delivered but most will only be after Christmas.
And don't forget to let us know...
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