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If they say it's illegal to recording them, they are not only WRONG – they are LYING.

Video shows WPD sergeant falsely telling citizen to stop recording him because of state law

If you think a more muscular CBP and ICE won't tread on the constitutional rights of citizens too – you are mistaken.

Can Customs and Border Protection Agents Demand to See Your ID on a Domestic Trip?

Even when you're in charge of the department, exposing bad cops is hard work.

A court is blocking L.A. County sheriff from handing over a list of 300 problem deputies

Have you ever flexed your rights at one of CBP's internal checkpoints? If so, this producer from The Atlantic wants to hear from you. Please hit him up!
Courts have upheld customs agents' power to manually search devices at the border, but any searches made solely on the basis of race or national origin are still illegal. More importantly, travelers are not legally required to unlock their devices, although agents can detain them for significant periods of time if they do not. “In each incident that I’ve seen, the subjects have been shown a...
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A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone

Secrecy is to misconduct what oxygen is to fire.

Going too easy on police misconduct

You know nothing about police reform if you don't know Prof. Samuel Walker.

Want to Reform Policing in Your City? Here’s How

Of the 62 incidents BuzzFeed News reviewed, only 22 led to charges being filed against an officer, and of those only 9 have resulted in convictions.

Blue Lies Matter: How The Rise Of Video Shattered Police Credibility

Another blockbuster report from the DOJ documenting a pattern and practice of abuse from a major police department. Whatever you think of the outgoing president, we are unlikely to see a continuation of these important investigations under the incoming administration.

Chicago police use excessive force, unfairly target minorities, Justice Dept. says

He didn't own a DVD player or use the internet, so Nat Hentoff asked me to mail him a paper screenplay of 10 Rules for Dealing with the Police. With that he wrote this beautiful testimonial:

"A precipitating cause of the American Revolution was the power of British officers in the American colonies to search homes and offices anytime they chose, period. This led to the 4th amendment in our...
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Nat Hentoff, journalist who wrote on jazz and civil liberties, dies at 91

Now digesting this in-depth review from The Cato Institute about the public's attitude toward the police. The good news is that public opinion mostly backs policies that would improve policing – such as police on-body cameras, independent oversight of police, and opposition to racial profiling. The bad news is that there are stark racial disparities in the quality of police encounters between...
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Policing in America: Understanding Public Attitudes Toward the Police. Results from a National Survey

“It’s a bitter pill to swallow as a D.C. resident when I know that the police chief here doesn’t have the authority to say, ‘This is a bad officer and shouldn’t be in the department,’ ” [Former D.C. police chief] Lanier said, “and an arbitrator, who has no stake in it and doesn’t live in the city, can say, ‘Put that officer back on the street,’ and have him patrolling your neighborhood.”

‘It made me hate the police’: Ugly encounters with officers fuel loss of trust, costly payouts

Which amendment is your favorite and why?

Happy Birthday to the Bill of Rights