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Where to find Samurai, Ninja and Sumo in Japan

Witness The Way Of The Warrior In Japan

Flying cars could be a reality in the next 10 years making that road trip around Australia a lot easier.

Airbus Is Working On A Flying Car

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Dreaming of Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, Thailand.
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Find your happy place in California's fun-loving San Diego!
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How to eat in Rome like an Italian chef

A Chef's Guide To Rome

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Trying to persuade the crew to get to New Zealand? You're welcome.

50 Reasons To Get To The South Island

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We chat to Australian designer, Emma Kate Co about her travels.

Heartfelt Travel With Emma Kate Codrington

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Escape plan under construction ✈
Travelling to Bali within the next 24 hours with Tigerair? Due to new Indonesian government legislation regarding travel between Australia and Indonesia there’s been some flight cancellations.

Travel Alert: Tigerair Cancels some Bali services

You'll be amazed what secrets Hobbiton on New Zealand's North Island holds.

15 Fun Facts About Hobbiton

Just forward my calls to the beach...
Spare at least 4 days in Queenstown to eat all the things.

A Guide To Eating And Drinking In Queenstown

We reveal secrets from a Royal Caribbean Cruise Director.

Secrets From The Sea

Make the most of your time in Sydney with these local gems.

20 Things Sydney Locals Do In Summer

Upcoming neighbourhoods in Singapore to visit on your next trip.

Secret Singapore

Find out why a close to home cruise is your next perfect, quick getaway.

Great Close To Home Cruises

WIN return flights for two to LA, San Francisco, Houston, Vancouver or Buenos Aires!

For your chance to win, tell us in 25 words or less...
WHO you would take to the Americas for the ultimate #OMGselfie, WHERE you would go and WHY.

You can plan your selfie at more than 140 destinations that Air New Zealand connects to across the Americas.

If you've got doubts about your selfie game, check...
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They say it's better in the Philippines... find out for yourself with these tips from our travel expert, Madeline.

All About Boracay

Stop the car... and keep an eye out for Carhenge.

Best Roadside Attractions: USA

2017 forecast: 99% chance of travel

Happy New Year!