Tomorrow we are releasing 50 Brooklyn Projects X Flip Odyssey logo decks. These boards were hand screened here in Huntington Beach on our F-48(8.25) shape. Come down tomorrow to pick one up and have it signed by the team! #FlipXBPLA #RideFlip
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Throwback to Curren Caples handling biz at our SLO demo this past summer! #RideFlip
02/23/2017 at 21:50. Facebook
WOW! Now that is a frontside air. Rune Glifberg blasts one at BOWL-A-RAMA. Photo: Independent Trucks #RideFlip
02/22/2017 at 22:27. Facebook
Any time Arto Saari steps foot on his board you know you are gunna get some gold! Like this kickflip to fakie on a recent New Balance Numeric trip to Brazil. #RideFlip
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Nollie or Fakie? Big Al's got em' any way you can think! Alec Majerus Volcom
02/21/2017 at 06:35. Facebook
Come hangout with us this Saturday the 25th at Brooklyn Projects LA for a team signing and to celebrate the release of 50 limited edition collaboration decks that were hand screened here in Huntington Beach! Cant wait to see you guys there! Matt Berger Ben Nordberg David Gonzalez Louie Lopez Alec Majerus Luan Oliveira Lance Mountain Arto Saari #RideFlip #FlipXBPLA
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Wow Ben Nordberg! This one is a must watch. The Berrics #InTransition
02/19/2017 at 03:51. Facebook
Golden hour back tail in Australia shot by the one and only John Bradford for RVCA. #RVCAoztour
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A major congratulations to our boy KeeganPalmer for taking the win in the juniors division of the BOWL-A-RAMA contest down under! Video by Independent Trucks #RideFlip
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Our new Spring 17' deck line up is now available at your local skateshop or by clicking the link in the comments below! NHS Fun Factory #RideFlip
Check out Curren Caples getting in a few bangers down under! RVCA #RideFlip
Thanks to the Bowie, VX footy, and Ben's effortless style applied to some really technical tricks, we just can't stop watching Ben Nordberg's #InTransition part on The Berrics. #RideFlip
Flip pro Curren Caples sure makes skateboarding look fun. #RideFlip
Find out why Ben Nordberg chose to return to England to film his #InTransition part in the latest #OnLocation feature on The Berrics. While you're there be sure to give his video a second watch to fully comprehend all the madness! #RideFlip
Nobody does it quite like Ben. Click the link in the comments below to watch Ben Nordberg perfectly blend fluid style with extreme technicality in his #InTransition now playing on The Berrics! #RideFlip
Bombs away! Warm ups with David Gonzalez from today's mission. #RideFlip
Luan Oliveira+ DMX= straight fire. Here's some of Luan's greatest hits from his Nike Skateboarding #Oneforall part. #RideFlip
Hands down the biggest backside flip of all time. Bob Burnquist is a superhuman. #RideFlip
Casual Alec Majerus........ #RideFlip
Flip's Louie Lopez just doesn't stop! Check out this marathon line at Soma park. #RideFlip