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Floor Jansen
yesterday at 22:35. Facebook
I just got a standing ovation in #joensuu after singing Oi Jouluöy Kiitos kaikille! I still have the goosebumps! What a warm welcome back here in this lovely city where I so enjoyed to live! #raskastajoulua #floorjansen #finland #suomi #kalevalakoru
Floor Jansen
12/06/2016 at 15:07. Facebook
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää Suomi!!!! #independanceday #Finland #recenthistory #sizu
Floor Jansen
12/06/2016 at 15:00. Facebook
Apparently I unleashed the fury upon metal earth when I was asked a question about the most metal album I own. Thinking Slayers music is not my thing doesn't mean I don't respect the band for what they are and what they've done. I just won't play it. As I can imagine they won't listen to mine either for that matter ;-)
The reactions this triggered online saddens me. We are all entitled to our...
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Floor Jansen
12/04/2016 at 14:41. Facebook
When in Rovaniemi, one cannot leave again before visiting Santa of course! :-)
The Raskasta Joulua show here was really a blast, kiitos kaikille!
On my way home now, delayed flights and missing connections day. Oh well, I am in such a good mood from the warm Christmas spirit I can bare another few hours of waiting :-)
Where and how will you spend your Yuletide this year? #floorjansen...
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Floor Jansen
12/03/2016 at 16:32. Facebook
Me, myself and I...and a kickboxing double bass drumming baby on board! Here's a belly picture for you ☺
I am still feeling well and seem to have a dream pregnancy. Yet at week 27 things start to get heavier and I am slowly adapting to an easier routine. Nevertheless, rocking the stage a bit is good for body and mind ???? And for babies :-)
This picture was taken last night in #Kemi in...
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Ayreon live in 2017! Get your tickets soon!!!! [ Arjenlucassen.com Link ] #irenejansen #floorjansen #ayreon #ayreonlive #2017 @irenidaes
What are you doing on 15 & 16 September 2017?....;-)

[ Facebook.com Link ]

[ Arjenlucassen.com Link ]
#floorjansen #ayreon #ayreonlive #arjenlucassen #joostvandenbroek #marcohietala #russellallen #annekevangiersbergen #irenejansen #andmanymore
Doing tons of promo for our upcoming live DVD 'Vehicle Of Spirit'! It'd great to introduce the world to this world tour documentation we have been working on for so long. It will give you the feeling you are on tour with us, in many counties all over the world! I am so proud!!! Out on December 16, available for pre -order though already on #vehicleofspirit #nightwish #floorjansen
Kiitos kaikille #firstshow #raskastajoulua #anttirailio #Arikoivunen #jeppäluoto #floorjansen #marcohietala
We just boarded the #balticprincess for the first Raskasta Joulua show! This is me with the vocalists for tonight! Marco Hietala, JP Leppäluoto, Ari Koivunen and Antti Railio. I'm exited to meet them all, and the band. And the first audience...so who is there on board with us? #marcohietala #floorjansen #raskastajoulua #jeppäluoto #Arikoivunen #anttirailio #raskastajoulua
I am missing the stage! And Nightwish! So here's a nice live picture to feel the energy again :-) #nightwish #floorjansen picture by Thorsten Seiffert
My belly and I are taking it easy now that Nightwish started its sabbatical :-) But to not sing at all would feel unnatural to me and so I will join this Finnish Christmas show 'Raskasta Joulua' on stage for 8 shows (with my dear brother Marco Hietala)!!!! Starting with a cruise between Finland (Turku) and Sweden (Stockholm) next weekend! More shows with me will follow in December. This heavy...
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I am speechless about this amazing artwork! @naomi_saki you have really outdone yourself again!!! You are beautifully talented #fanart #floorjansen #talent #naomisaki #chaseyourdreams
I will be one of the voices on the amazing upcoming new Ayreon album!!! Yesterday snippets of songs went on Facebook for people to guess who's voice it was they heard. I red some of those guesses, really cool! As a child I wanted to become a biologist :-) I loved (and love) nature and all creatures in it and I understood on a child's level that a biologist works with this. My biggest passion...
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I'm featuring in the video from #inorbit, the song I recorded with #evergrey and it's to be found here [ Loudwire.com Link ]
#thestormwithin #floorjansen #inorbit
The video for 'In Orbit' from Evergrey will have its premiere tomorrow!!!
Loudwire will be the first to release the video on Tuesday, October 25th at 11:00 am Eastern/ 5:00 PM Central European Time. #evergrey #floorjansen #inorbit #thestormwithin
The end of the 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful' world tour has come! Thank you, all of you who came out to rock with us in the past 18 months!!! I cannot tell you how I feel! But tonight Nightwish will celebrate this tour together with its amazing crew and management. And then it's time for new adventures! At this moment I just want to look at this picture and smile #grateful...
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Banging my head with in a boiling, tropical and overfull venue in Shenzhen along with the most amazing audience! Thank you!!!! Shanghai tonight!!! Who's there? #nightwish #endlessformsmostbeautiful #worldtour #china #last2shows #floorjansen picture by @soosiuyo
Thank you Seoul, South Korea! A first time for #Nightwish in this city and many years since the first show. This sold our venue was shaking on its foundation with you in it, so loud! Awesome!!! Let's come back soon! #endlessformsmostbeautiful #worldtour #southkorea #seoul #floorjansen
No more ReVamp...

We are sad to inform you that ReVamp has officially stopped. After two great albums it is unfortunately not possible for the founding front lady Floor Jansen to have a band next to Nightwish. Projects perhaps, but a band deserves a 100% devotion which is impossible to deliver to two bands at the same time.

Floor: “I am proud of the 2 albums we made together! ReVamp has such...
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The Blackest Grey