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Floor Jansen
yesterday at 11:26. Facebook
Please share! I hope they are well! I don't know these people but anyone deserves some help in times of need! #help #share
Floor Jansen
01/12/2017 at 18:58. Facebook
Such a cool live shot from the Nightwish show at Himos last summer! This shot was taken by @alexandrgrigorev.ag (his pictures were used in the booklet of our new DVD Vehicle Of Spirit as well)
I am taking it easy at home now, a lovely and special time. Yet I miss Nightwish, I miss all of you too! #floorjansen #himos #finland #livepicture #vehicleofspirit #dvd
Hej Sverige! Bara för svenskar har vi här en link till en special över Bråvalla! Jättekul! Vi kommer förbi efter ungefär 44 minuter med 1 låta och en intervju :-)

Did you google translate this 'not Swedes'? And did the Swedish native speakers notice any mistakes in my text?...;-)
This is a link to a special about the Swedish summer festival Bråvalla. I am not sure this can be watched outside...
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Amazing fan art by the one and only @naomi_saki
Keep up the amazing work young lady! Talent is a gift, the pursuit of it takes strength, and faith in your art and in yourself. Powers I wish upon everybody ????#floorjansen #fanart #talent #strenght #liveyourdream #nothingjusthappens
OK Hamburg! Are you ready for this amazing tour that is about to kick off in your city? I personally envy you for it, I would have loved to come!!! Saying goodbye to my dear @thevandahl wasn't easy but I know he will have an amazing tour ahead! So who's going tomorrow? #sabaton #europeantour #thelaststand #germany #hamburg #hannesvandahl #sporthalle #thelasttour
Happy new year!!!
Merry Yuletide! Hyvää joulua! God jul! Vrolijk kerstfeest! Feliz Navidad!
In all languages of the world, I hope you will have a wonderful time with loved ones!
To get into the Yuletide feelings, here's a video recorded at the last Raskasta Joulua show. I sing Oi Jouluyö in Finnish, while 29 weeks pregnant (7 month) [ Youtube.com Link ]

Picture taken by my dear friend @beckflash_photography...
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Marco and I singing Ave Maria during the @raskastajoulua show in the Espoo arena last weekend. It's such a joy to sing with this fantastic man!
And while I am home, focusing on my growing belly and Yuletide warmth, the news keeps hitting me with terrible events, everywhere. My heart sincerely goes out to all of you, and may your next Yuletide bring more happiness
#marcohietala #floorjansen...
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Last show of 2016 and the last for me while pregnant! Thank you Espoo arena for an unforgettable night with Raskasta Joulua!!! Photo by Jaakko Manninen #raskastajoulua #maternityleave #floorjansen #finland #suomi
Ready to rock! What a day this is! Today we released 'The Vehicle Of Spirit'! I am beyond proud of this new Nightwish DVD!!!!!
And I am in Finland again with Raskasta Joulua, for our show here in Turku. Who's here? Tomorrow I do my last show with these fine gentlemen in Espoo. And I am in my 29th week of the pregnancy. Exiting times!!!
Let me know what you think of our new Nightwish DVD! I'm...
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Again! What an honor! Another standing ovation here in #leppävirta in #suomi
Goosebumps! What a vibe tonight! Kiitos kaikille! #raskastajoulua #floorjansen #marcohietala #kalevalakoru
I just got a standing ovation in #joensuu after singing Oi Jouluöy Kiitos kaikille! I still have the goosebumps! What a warm welcome back here in this lovely city where I so enjoyed to live! #raskastajoulua #floorjansen #finland #suomi #kalevalakoru
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää Suomi!!!! #independanceday #Finland #recenthistory #sizu
Apparently I unleashed the fury upon metal earth when I was asked a question about the most metal album I own. Thinking Slayers music is not my thing doesn't mean I don't respect the band for what they are and what they've done. I just won't play it. As I can imagine they won't listen to mine either for that matter ;-)
The reactions this triggered online saddens me. We are all entitled to our...
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When in Rovaniemi, one cannot leave again before visiting Santa of course! :-)
The Raskasta Joulua show here was really a blast, kiitos kaikille!
On my way home now, delayed flights and missing connections day. Oh well, I am in such a good mood from the warm Christmas spirit I can bare another few hours of waiting :-)
Where and how will you spend your Yuletide this year? #floorjansen...
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Me, myself and I...and a kickboxing double bass drumming baby on board! Here's a belly picture for you ☺
I am still feeling well and seem to have a dream pregnancy. Yet at week 27 things start to get heavier and I am slowly adapting to an easier routine. Nevertheless, rocking the stage a bit is good for body and mind ???? And for babies :-)
This picture was taken last night in #Kemi in...
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Ayreon live in 2017! Get your tickets soon!!!! [ Arjenlucassen.com Link ] #irenejansen #floorjansen #ayreon #ayreonlive #2017 @irenidaes
What are you doing on 15 & 16 September 2017?....;-)

[ Facebook.com Link ]

[ Arjenlucassen.com Link ]
#floorjansen #ayreon #ayreonlive #arjenlucassen #joostvandenbroek #marcohietala #russellallen #annekevangiersbergen #irenejansen #andmanymore
Doing tons of promo for our upcoming live DVD 'Vehicle Of Spirit'! It'd great to introduce the world to this world tour documentation we have been working on for so long. It will give you the feeling you are on tour with us, in many counties all over the world! I am so proud!!! Out on December 16, available for pre -order though already on #vehicleofspirit #nightwish #floorjansen
Kiitos kaikille #firstshow #raskastajoulua #anttirailio #Arikoivunen #jeppäluoto #floorjansen #marcohietala