In perfect health our daughter Freja was born on the 15th of March. We are very happy parents! Thank you for your kind support coming in from all over the world during this time! Hannes, Floor & Freja.
Happy women's day! This year is more special for me, because I am 9 month pregnant and I am experiencing the miracle of a starting life inside of me while getting ready to let this new life out in this world. The strength of a woman is tested throughout a period such as this, a new self comes up and takes place inside you, in the most natural way. I feel stronger than ever. More a woman than...
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This picture was taken weeks ago on a beautiful winter day here in Sweden by my friend @daisylovesevert
It's soon time to meet our baby, we are so looking forward to it! But for now we can enjoy time at home, getting ready for the birth @thevandahl_official #pregnant #thebigwait
This is a message from my beloved man @thevandahl_official to all @sabatonofficial fans! I guess you know why he's coming home ☺ #exitingtimes #pregnant #hewillbebacksoon #andsowilli

Hello Everyone!

Time has come for me to travel homewards for a short while to be with and for my family, home in the north. My family on the road will have the miles pass underneath the busses and trucks as...
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Thank you all for the amazing amount of birthday wishes! I feel so loved! What a beautiful thing!!!!!

This picture is a painted version of the picture I posted on my birthday. @shotpaint
painted on the photo taken by @villejuurikkala
Their work can be admired in New York at the moment! For more info:
[ Link ]
[ Link ]
[ Link ]
Oh my...I just turned 36! And I feel great! Loved! Happy! And ready to become a mom! Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes I woke up to this morning

Picture by the amazing @villejuurikkala
[ Link ]
[ Link ]
[ Link ]
Twitter: @villeakseli
Ville Juurikkala - Photographer
New website now open:
I did an interview for the Dutch @faceculture in late January, it's in English. It's a story of my career. This picture was taken by Inge Mol that same week. You can tell I'm pregnant perhaps, rounder face haha! I was in between week 35 and 36 at that time. Today I started my 39th week, the baby can come any day now! So exiting! [ Link ]
#floorjansen #pregnant #interview
I talked with some Dutch media and a newspaper (Brabants Dagblad) had a nice two page article about me and Nightwish. Photographer Inge Mol took this picture of me pregnant in my 36th week. #floorjansen #nightwish #pregnant
Who has seen our DVD 'The Vehicle Of Spirit'? What do you think about it?
I just red this lovely interview Tuomas and I did a few month ago. It brought a smile to my face! And it's so wonderfully written! A nice read for a weekend in early February perhaps [ Link ] #nightwish #floorjansen #tuomasholopainen #vehicleofspirit #interview
Ps: this picture comes from the booklet...
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@sabatonofficial getting ready for their show tonight! Who's here in Amsterdam? The stage looks absolutely stunning!!! #sabaton #hannesvandahl #amsterdam #thenetherlands #thelaststand #thelaststandtour #thelasttour
My dear friend @beckflash_photography took this picture while doing a shoot for Ayreon. The picture for the booklet became another one, but this was Andrea's personal favorite. I love it too and feel Andrea always captures beautiful moments, looks and feelings in her photography! #beckflashphotography #floorjansen #ayreon #thesource #photography
First full song of the new Ayreon album 'The Source is to be heard AND seen on [ Link ]
It's a beautiful song with many amazing musicians! Proud to be among them! Take a moment for this #floorjansen #ayreon #thesourcealbum #biologist
Ghost Love Score! One of my all time favorite Nightwish songs!!! What is yours? #nightwish #favoritesong #floorjansen picture by @mindwalkerphoto
Surprised my dear man by coming out to France for his birthday! And we had cake! #suprise #birthday #sabaton #toulouse #france #cake @thevandahl @sabatonofficial
Happy birthday to the love of my life @thevandahl ❤
Please share! I hope they are well! I don't know these people but anyone deserves some help in times of need! #help #share
Such a cool live shot from the Nightwish show at Himos last summer! This shot was taken by (his pictures were used in the booklet of our new DVD Vehicle Of Spirit as well)
I am taking it easy at home now, a lovely and special time. Yet I miss Nightwish, I miss all of you too! #floorjansen #himos #finland #livepicture #vehicleofspirit #dvd
Hej Sverige! Bara för svenskar har vi här en link till en special över Bråvalla! Jättekul! Vi kommer förbi efter ungefär 44 minuter med 1 låta och en intervju :-)

Did you google translate this 'not Swedes'? And did the Swedish native speakers notice any mistakes in my text?...;-)
This is a link to a special about the Swedish summer festival Bråvalla. I am not sure this can be watched outside...
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Amazing fan art by the one and only @naomi_saki
Keep up the amazing work young lady! Talent is a gift, the pursuit of it takes strength, and faith in your art and in yourself. Powers I wish upon everybody ????#floorjansen #fanart #talent #strenght #liveyourdream #nothingjusthappens
OK Hamburg! Are you ready for this amazing tour that is about to kick off in your city? I personally envy you for it, I would have loved to come!!! Saying goodbye to my dear @thevandahl wasn't easy but I know he will have an amazing tour ahead! So who's going tomorrow? #sabaton #europeantour #thelaststand #germany #hamburg #hannesvandahl #sporthalle #thelasttour