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Love your heart and enjoy this light and fresh catch of the day. Just a taste will have you head over heels with these delicious Thai Sticky Chilli Prawns: [ Florastrongheart.co.za Link ]
Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember, it all starts with loving yourself from the inside out. Show the <3 in your life how much you care by giving it exactly what it needs.
Show your love for those close to your heart by making them the perfect Flora lunch. Add a little note to their lunchbox to make their heart skip with delight. Here’s how: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Healthy Lunchboxes - Flora Strong Heart

Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

A heart healthy breakfast fuels you up and gets you going for a day full of active fun with the family.
Fulfilling your new year’s resolution of eating more veggies is just a sizzle away. Simply sauté your favourite greens in Flora Gold and add a squeeze of lemon to lift the flavours.
The kids will LOVE to help make these Coconut and Dried Apricot Energy Balls that can be added to their lunch boxes for an after school energy boost.

It’s quick, easy and packed with goodness.

Coconut and Dried Apricot Energy Balls Recipe - Flora Strong Heart

Tackle 2017 head on with a healthy attitude and smart eating choices at work.

Don’t be a slave to the caffeine and cookie cravings. We have six EASY steps to help you eat better at the office.

Healthy Eating at Work - Flora Strong Heart

Can you believe 2016 is almost over Flora fans?!

Pick your favourite ‘heart-warming’ moment from this year, and share it with us below :)
The most precious gift today is time spent with loved ones, treasure every moment <3
Expecting a large family gathering this Festive Season?

Our golden TURKEY is not only a show-stopper, but great for left-over sandwiches as well.

Give it a try: [ Florastrongheart.co.za Link ]
Dust off your special recipes for festive season feasts! Whether from granny or an old recipe book, we know you've got your secrets ;)

Tell us below which recipe you hold close to your heart <3
Get your little ones together to help create these YUMMY Christmas cookies!

Add your sweet treat into a bag as a meaningful gift or make a hole at the top, to add to your tree... if you can resist munching on them ;)

Recipe: [ Florastrongheart.co.za Link ]
Christmas cake wouldn’t be quite as delicious without some very festive brandy sauce made with love and a little Flora Gold!


250g Flora Gold
1 ½ cups (375 ml) icing sugar
30 ml Brandy

1. Cream the Flora Gold and icing sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy.
2. Add the brandy and beat until well combined.
3. Chill and serve with...
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Preparing the perfect potato is quite a big deal for Festive family feasts. Whether mashed, roasted or braaied, add an extra touch of love to your potatoes with Flora Gold!
‘Tis the season to be jolly, so we’re kicking off the feasting with Fritter Day! Try this light and unique snack before the heavy indulging begins ;) [ Florastrongheart.co.za Link ]
From the shadows of the deep Tsitsikamma forest, the endless glory of the Blyde River Canyon or the gorgeous Golden Mile… one thing is for sure- South Africa has endless places to explore these December holidays!

Pack a delicious Flora snack in your cooler box and absorb the splendour of our beautiful nation with those you love most!
We’ve got your PERFECT picnic treat, complemented best with radiant rays of sunlight and uncontrollable laughter! Delicious starts here:

Crunchy Seed Biscuits Recipe - Flora Strong Heart

A happy and healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Change your daily routine, improve your thinking and live your best life TODAY!
GOOD fats are crucial for improved HEART health, while adding extra flavour to your meals. Spread, bake or cook with Flora, gently infused with essential fats, in our expert blend of seed oils!
#FloraFact: exercising for 30 mins a day reduces your risk of heart health disease by about 10%. Another reason to get out and about this weekend! How does your family stay fit and healthy?