Even though Marco Rubio thinks his constituents are "rude and stupid," the people of Florida deserve to have their voices heard and concerns addressed.
Today in Miami, a constituent asked Marco Rubio why he's skipping tonight's town hall. Rubio ran away.
Not only have Trump's trips cost taxpayers millions so far, they're hurting local businesses in Florida.
Everyone should be treated fairly with the respect and dignity they deserve, especially our students. #ProtectTransKids

Trump Administration Rescinds Rules on Bathrooms for Transgender Students

Not only is their unconstitutional attack on immigrants shameful, the last thing Florida needs is another losing court battle that costs taxpayers millions.

Florida Senate GOP’s Unconstitutional Attack on Immigrants

Trump has spent twice as much time tweeting, and four times as much time golfing than receiving intelligence briefings. Sad.
It's Presidents' Day!
Thank you for always fighting to protect our environment, Senator Bill Nelson.
The American people deserve to know the truth.
"This Senator would merely say we can't have someone in charge of our budget, as the Director of Office of Management of the Budget, who's willing to risk a default on our government to meet a personal ideological agenda... He called Social Security a ponzi scheme, he further has said that he supports turning Medicare into a voucher system. That, under any independent economist examination,...
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Trump on his campaign's relationship with the Russians: [walks away]
The American people deserve answers. Now.
The American people deserve answers, not silence.
“There’s no excuse for letting an international crisis play out in front of a bunch of country club members like dinner theater.”

From Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to Facebook, a National Security Crisis in the Open

"You tried to repeal it 61 times. Give it a break already, please let it go! We need this Affordable Care Act."