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03/20/2017 at 16:44. Facebook
We invited Food Network’s Damaris Phillips to our family's Florida groves, and you’re gonna LOVE what she came up with!
Even when you’re busy, you can’t skip brunch. Start the day with these grab-and-go muffins from Table for Two that are packed full of the good stuff: oats, carrots and 100% Florida orange juice from Florida’s Natural.

Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Thanks Laurel! We’re pretty proud of our roots :)
Our groves are something of a family heirloom...a delicious, delicious family heirloom.
For this Heart Health month, start your mornings with a kick of antioxidants and energy! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We always give it 100%…100% Florida oranges for 100% American orange juice!
You’ll fall in love with the orange and chocolate flavor combination in these scones from Florida’s Natural Brunch Club member, Eat Good 4 Life. The whole family can enjoy this sweet Valentine’s Day brunch!

Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We’re not made by Pepsi or Coke like those other guys—the only thing “bubbly" about us is our personalities.
This just in: turmeric is a hot ingredient for 2017! It’s anti-inflammatory, a major cancer fighter, AND it pairs nicely with Florida’s Natural. Try this Orange Turmeric Crush from Tieghan of HalfBakedHarvest for your next healthy brunch.

Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Healthy skin starts from within! Drinking Florida’s Natural orange juice helps collagen production, leaving you fresh faced and ready to start your day! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Working from home…yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal here at Florida’s Natural…
A taste of Florida Sunshine is always within reach!
When you’re this wild about oranges, squeezing in some “me-time” is pretty easy.
Check out this crisp container to keep your kids’ lunches looking fresh! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Warm up winter with a slice of pie—loaded with pecans and Florida sunshine! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Be sure to winterize your fridge with a couple cartons of Florida sunshine!
Rise and shine, 2017! So...what are your resolutions this year?
Happy New Year from Florida’s Natural! Squeeze your loved ones and raise a glass!
We skip the ship. That’s right, Florida’s Natural is the only national juice brand that doesn’t ship juice from overseas.
Sure…presents under the tree ARE wonderful…but we’ve always had a thing for the ones ON them! Warm wishes from Florida’s Natural!