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MINT flavoured VUSION 100+ Matcha Green Tea!

Vusion Matcha Green Tea gives you so much more than standard Green Tea - more antioxidants, more vitality, more energy and more variety!

⏩ Individual flavours available in a 60 Serve Pack.
⏩ Assorted flavours available in a 5, 15, 30 Serve Pack.
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Titan RTD’s are crashing into stores with the best tasting Chocolate you could ever imagine!

Crack the lid and enjoy! Each Titan RTD is loaded with 26g Protein and only 1g of Sugar they’re sure to assist with all your 2017 goals!
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ION-X Protein Water has been specifically created for active individuals who demand the best products to refuel their bodies after training.

With a massive 30g PROTEIN and LOW CALORIE count, this GLUTEN FREE Protein Water is available in 3 mouth watering flavours: Lemon Coconut, Orange Guava & Melon Cucumber.
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Our hydration schedule is set

Boxed Water has you covered this summer! ☀ It provides an alternate solution to your everyday water bottle that is better for the environment!

▪ 1% of annual sales goes towards reforestisation!
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TITAN Wafer Bars are available in Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla and Chocolate! These Protein Wafers boast 12g of Protein per bar - Making it the ultimate lite snack for when you are on the go!
The Beast Duffle by 6 Pack Fitness is a no-nonsense duffle designed to fit your entire 'A' game.

The Beast Duffle holds up to 5 meals, features an extra large main compartment as well as dedicated shoe compartment and insulated water/blender bottle pockets.
Hydro Complete is a ❄ cold filtered ❄ 100% Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate. This means it is rapidly absorbed 〰 and all the micro fractions and peptides are kept in tact for the best possible bioavailable state.
In other words, Hydro Complete is a protein whose results… surpass it’s claims. ✅
Do you want to Morph3 your workout and take it to the next level?

Designed to challenge any workout Morph3 by APS Nutrition gives you pin point focus and energy to burn! Rumour has it Frozen Margherita flavour is the way to go!

Featuring APS Athlete & IFBB BIKINI PRO Shannah Baker.
PB2 with Premium Chocolate

The superior quality peanuts used in PB2 Chocolate are first slow roasted then pressed to remove 85% of the fat and oil.

This results in exquisite natural roasted peanut butter flavour that’s deliciously rich in taste, easy to enjoy and wonderfully healthy.
We’ve all experienced the pump... that feeling after looking at your muscles in the mirror after a SOLID set. This generally lasts between 5 to 10 minutes. Thankfully, High Volume by PEScience is the caffeine-free pre-workout built for pumps that last.

The difference between your current status and your definition goals... is the nutrition that fuels your body!
TITAN RTD's HAVE ARRIVED! ⏩ Why mix your protein, when you can simply crack open the lid of this ready to drink protein shake!

Packed with 26g of protein per serve, this mouth-watering game changer will be your go-to protein when you are in a rush or need a protein hit!

Available in 5 tremendous flavours;
Sea Salt Caramel Banana Chocolate
Vanilla Snickerdoodle
Titan Protein Rice Bubble Treats | Snack Recipe
Thanks to Sponsored Athlete Kelly Bayliss [ Bit.ly Link ]

1⃣ 4 cups Rice Bubbles
2⃣ 1 cup Shredded Coconut
3⃣ 1 scoop Titan Protein Vanilla Caramel
4⃣ 5 Medjool Dates
5⃣ 120 grams Coconut Oil
6⃣ 150 grams Rice Malt Syrup

1⃣ 1 block sugar free white chocolate
2⃣ Mini M&Ms
3⃣ Green Jelly Babies

1⃣ Place...
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☀ Fancy a BBQ in this wonderful weather?!

Why not marinate and cook! Walden Farms Sweet BBQ provides a tremendous amount of flavours to spice up your day!

✌ When someone asks us, "What does happiness look like?"

We show them this photo - :@cleaneatsbykarl
Kickoff your 2017 the right way! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Happy New Year from #TeamFlush

Thank you to everyone who supported Flush Fitness in 2016!
Innovate, Create and Hydrate with Vusion Matcha this Summer! ☀

Mix up your favourite flavour of Vusion Matcha and freeze it any Icy Pole mould and enjoy the benefits of Matcha Green Tea… ICE COLD! ❄
Titan have just launched the newest Ready to Drink Protein Shake to hit Australia. It packs a premium Whey protein formula rivalled only by it’s incredible taste!

Every bottle boasts:
26g High Quality Whey Protein
Only 1g of Sugar
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Lactose Free

Available in 5 INCREDIBLE flavours; Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Sea Salt Caramel and Snickerdoodle!

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas! Allow yourself time for that much needed break, Stay safe and celebrate with your loved ones!