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Fly Jamaica Airways
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Fly Jamaica Airways
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The most professional, warm and friendly crew to serve you when you travel.
Fly Jamaica Airways
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Jamaican lunch ...what's for your lunch today?
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Moving across the Boroughs, Krystal and her crew's first stop was in the heart of Brooklyn, East Flatbush where they met with Kayla Reece, a Guyanese native living in Jamaica. Kayla, also the Marketing Director of Fly Jamaica, prepared her grandmother's favorite dish, roti and bungal shrimp. "Marvelous! Simply marvelous!" said Krystal as she bit into the roti. "This has such a mesmerising,...
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Tasting the Apple, Yard Style!
Fly Jamaica Airways
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Fly Jamaica Airways
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New York Phagwah Parade photos - Indo Caribbean Federation NY
Fly Jamaica Airways
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Just one of those days
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Fly Jamaica Airways is proud to be the official Airline Sponsor taking the NDTC of Jamaica to New York to perform at the Brooklyn Centre for the Performing Arts on March 18-19. Get your tickets and come out to show your support for these amazing performers.

Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts
#Negril 7 mile beach via NASA satellite
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Fly ✈ to the majestic Kaieteur falls or cross a river on a log... if its an amazing adventure you want Guyana has it.
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International Women's Day On-Board
Cabin Crew Carlton Washington presenting the eldest female on-board with a Bouquet of flowers ..77 definitely looks good on Rajmatie Singh our lucky winner.
International Women's Day On-Board
Cabin crew Renae Jones pinning Purple Ribbons on all female passengers onboard