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03/24/2017 at 18:54. Facebook
Despite the crazy weather we've been having this week, this weekend is looking good for flying! #FlyingAcademy
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Congratulations to our student Goksenin Parmaksiz from Turkey, training in our Prague base, who just passed his Private Pilot skill-test and so earned his first set of wings!

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Pt.2: Check out Natalia's amazing views as she makes her way over to Miami! #FlyingAcademy
Our student Natalia Valencia is about to embark on her first coast to coast flight from California to Miami! Stay tuned for more updates and wish her luck . #FlyingAcademy
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It's a sunny yet chilly day to fly here at Flying Academy Miami!
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We would like to congratulate Lucian Vasile from Romania for passing his PPL(A) skilltest!

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Flying Academy is happy to announce the launch of the fourth global base and the second US base - Los Angeles - Come train with us from Corona Municipal Airport.

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Happy International Women's Day to all the strong and beautiful women of the world! #FlyingAcademy
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