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Flying Academy
12/10/2016 at 00:10. Facebook
Jump in with us - your career as a pilot is waiting. #FlyingAcademy
Flying Academy
yesterday at 03:17. Facebook
What does a winglet do - besides make an airplane look cool? They're known to increase performance, increasing range and decreasing fuel burn - but why? Winglets oppose the drag wingtip vortices create by harnessing the vortices' airflow. NASA engineer Richard Whitcomb pioneered the technology in th...

This Is How Winglets Work

Flying Academy
yesterday at 03:17. Facebook
How much do you know about the signs and markings at your airport?

Do You Know These 6 Common Airport Signs And Markings?

Flying Academy
12/08/2016 at 20:10. Facebook
Flying Academy offers both CFI and CFII courses to those who are interested in becoming instructors. Contact us today on how we can put on the fast track to completing your certifications! FlyingAcademy.com
Flying Academy
12/07/2016 at 17:15. Facebook
Check out Yuvraj Bhardwaj's video flying one of our Cessna 152's on the CPL navigation route. If you haven't submitted your video yet, you're missing out on a chance to win 1000 EUR! FlyingAcademy.com

Flying Academy video contest - Yuvraj Bhardwaj - Cessna 152 CPL Navigation Route

Flying Academy is announcing a Global Flight Video Challenge among our trainees! Show us your reason why you wanted to become a pilot and win! Are you intere...

We're taking off for the weekend. If you could fly anywhere in the world, where would it be? #FlyingAcademy
It was another great day here at Flying Academy! Ask us how you can become a pilot today! FlyingAcademy.com
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Do you want to improve your ICAO English skills or just be prepared for your exams? Flying Academy is now offering intensive aviation English courses in Prague and Brno. The next courses start on the 10th of December 2016 in Prague and Brno. For more information visit our web page .
Where is everyone flying off to this weekend? #FlyingAcademy
Your career as a pilot is our number one priority. We'll make sure you're properly trained and prepared to work in the industry once you graduate. Visit FlyingAcademy.com for more information on how to start with us!
At FlyingAcademy.com, we'll make sure you understand the entire process of becoming a pilot and how affordable it can really be. Contact us today for the fastest and most affordable way to jump-start your career as a pilot!
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Are you passionate about flying and would like to start your career? Flying Academy is the flight training center for you! Visit to find out how you can enroll in your professional flight training!