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Flight check! Time to head out.

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Ready to take flight? Flying Academy has an impressive fleet of various aircraft to help with your training. #ItsMonday #FlyingAcademy
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Navigate the skies as a pilot at
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What's stopping you from becoming a pilot? At Flying Academy, we'll help you study at the right location - whether it's in the U.S. or EU. We'll even help accommodate your living space and transportation so that all you have to focus on is studying. Becoming a pilot is more affordable and easier than ever, get started today at!
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Want to learn to fly? We can help you become a private or commercial airline pilot. We'll accommodate you with housing, transportation, and more - no matter where you're coming from. Visit today to see our courses, fees, and requirements.
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The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul. #FlyingAcademy
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One of our favorite views flying from our Miami, FL location. #FlyingAcademy
Know how to use the best climb speed in different circumstances.

Vx vs. Vy
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Pilots: Airplanes can be hard to handle on the ground. One factor to consider is the flight control positions during taxi, which should be as shown in this illustration.

Learn more about preventing loss of control on the ground in the “FAA Safety Briefing” magazine at [ Link ].
Adytia is one of our star students from India. Find out how we are helping him achieve his dream of becoming a pilot at!