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Aerial firefighting company Neptune's Jerrel Storrud took the route of becoming a mechanic first and a pilot later, giving him a wide range of expertise.

Neptune First Officer's Training Gives Him Expertise to Go from Mechanic to Pilot
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Flying magazine readers shared their photos of flying with their dogs.

Photos: Dogs Take Flight
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It can be difficult to share your love of flying with someone who fears being in the air.

Gear Up: Confronting Fear
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Flight simulation instructors keep up the sophisticated full-motion machines that train and recertify pilots worldwide. A career as an FSI comes with its own set of benefits.

Flight Simulation Instructors Enjoy Personal Time Benefits and Flexibility at Work
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What you need to know about proper control technique.

Aileron Use in a Stall
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Listen to Harrison Ford's call to John Wayne Tower after his recent incident.

Harrison Ford Audio: ‘I’m the Schmuck Who Landed on the Taxiway’
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Boom Supersonic is trying to bring supersonic air travel back with a bang.

Boom Prepares to Build Supersonic Prototype
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Many pilots enjoy the freedom of being alone in the cockpit, but the safety record of those flying solo has some in the industry concerned. Here's what to know.

Master the Skills Needed to Safely Fly Alone
The NTSB's preliminary report of the recent runway accident revealed a mechanical issue with an elevator.

Broken Elevator Eyed in Detroit Overrun Accident
Using a 50-50 blend of biofuel and aviation fuel reduces particle emissions by as much as 50 to 70 percent, according to the study.

NASA Confirms Biofuels Reduce Jet Emissions
The Federal Aviation Administration forecasts steady growth for the aviation industry, but it is especially optimistic about drones.

FAA Aerospace Forecast Report Projects Continued, Sustained Growth in Aviation
Venturing into the rarefied air in the flight levels can offer pilots significant advantages. But dangers, such as hypoxia, also lurk at high altitudes.

High-Altitude Flying: What You Need to Know
This new upset prevention and recovery training was created specifically for Airbus aircraft.

APS Expands Loss of Control Curriculum to Airbus Aircraft
As more and more unmanned aircraft take to the sky, this UAS notification and deconfliction service aims to maintain safety.

Leidos Flight Service Tests Drone Deconfliction Program
Production for the Cessna Citation Longitude is underway following the successful test fight of a third jet.

Cessna Adds Third Citation Longitude To Test Program
Taz Carnes inherited his passion for flying from his grandfather and uncle (Jordy Klein of XCam Aerials, Inc), and now he shares it as an instructor.

#Live2Fly Series: Fourth Generation Pilot Tasman Carnes
Do pilots deliberately take off and fly in weather they know will kill them?

Sky Kings: Eternal Optimists
Fortunately, everyone on the ground was unharmed.

Australian Regional Aircraft Loses Propeller in Flight
The January accident has investigators and safety officials emphasizing the importance of following standard procedures.

Increased Lateral Separation Urged as A380’s Wake Flips Challenger 604
The German airplane in Raiders of the Lost Ark was a contrivance, but it might have been based on real prototypes.

Technicalities: The Story Behind the German Airplane in Raiders of the Lost Ark