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Flynn Rider
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Everyone's favorite thief is as hilarious as ever in the new Tangled: Before Ever After trailer:

7 Thoughts We Had While Watching the New Tangled: Before Ever After Trailer
Flynn Rider
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Here comes a new adventure! Tangled: The Series steals the spotlight this March on Disney Channel.
Let this Oh My Disney snowflake art steal your heart! There's snow way they get Flynn's nose right.
Find someone who looks at you like Flynn Rider looks at Rapunzel.

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If you would love to be at Rapunzel and Flynn’s wedding, you might relate to this:

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Here’s what a Flynn Rider book cover might look like:

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Here comes the celebration! Six years ago today, Tangled stole the spotlight (and your heart):
Look suave with a menswear look inspired by Flynn:

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Do you think you know Tangled well enough to recognize it from only two words? Test your knowledge:

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Strut your smolder! Here comes even more Tangled magic in #DisneyEnchantedTales, available today.

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Do you know what Flynn’s name translates to? Find out:

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See if your sass levels are up to Pascal's standards:

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Do you know Flynn Rider’s real name? Find out:

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See why you need to add Tangled to your go-to watch list:

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Here comes the smolder, and your first look at Tangled: The Series:

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