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Flynn Rider
12/05/2016 at 18:00. Facebook
Here’s what a Flynn Rider book cover might look like:

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Here comes the celebration! Six years ago today, Tangled stole the spotlight (and your heart):
Look suave with a menswear look inspired by Flynn:

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Do you think you know Tangled well enough to recognize it from only two words? Test your knowledge:

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Strut your smolder! Here comes even more Tangled magic in #DisneyEnchantedTales, available today.

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Do you know what Flynn’s name translates to? Find out:

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See if your sass levels are up to Pascal's standards:

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Do you know Flynn Rider’s real name? Find out:

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See why you need to add Tangled to your go-to watch list:

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Here comes the smolder, and your first look at Tangled: The Series:

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Do you remember what Flynn calls Rapunzel when they first meet? Find out:

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Here comes another reason to love Flynn Rider:

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