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Relive some of our LCS roster's best moments so far in 2017!

We'll be back to face H2K on March 2nd, 20:00 CET, for the final match of cross group play.
Fnatic LoL Team
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Fnatic LoL Team
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LIVE on #Twitch - Jesiz

WATCH » twitch.tv/jesiz
GGWP, Origen! We take our first 2-0 of the year.
We're on next to face Origen, with Paul "sOAZ" Boyer returning to face his former team.

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FNATIC.com: EU LCS 2017: LIVE Coverage

Hard fought series but small mistakes cost us in the end. GGWP Splyce.
Tune in tonight for a huge #EULCS match - we'll be playing Splyce at 20:00 CET.

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Today we play Millenium in the second week of the European Challenger Series! Tune in below.

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Today, we welcome Ballistix Gaming as a sponsor!

Check out the full press release here » [ Fna.tc Link ]
Happy Birthday NicoThePico! We hope you have a good birthday coach
Fnatic LoL Team Manager, Finlay Quaye Stewart, shares his thoughts on Broxah joining the EU LCS squad for Week 4 & 5.
At the start of the 2017 season, we mentioned the importance of having a flexible 10-man roster, and the benefits it would be able to bring to both of our lineups throughout the split.

Having seen excellent displays from Broxah in the Challenger Series, we have made the decision to give him a shot in the LCS team. This means that, pending Riot approval, he will become our starting jungler for...
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PSG Esports suffer a brutal shutdown after they challenge the Academy team for Baron.
We're facing PSG Esports right now in our first series of #EUCS!

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Congratulations to Caps, he's our AMD Gaming MVP! His awesome performance in game 1 & crucial plays in game 3 lead us to victory.
The late game pressure is too much for Roccat. Big game from Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson & Paul "sOAZ" Boyer to secure the 2-1 victory for us. GG WP!
Experience wins everytime! Paul "sOAZ" Boyer takes down Phaxi in an epic 1v1.