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Hey y'all! Quick reminder that all our older music is available right now in iTunes, Spotify, and most good digital download platforms so if you dig the old shit, now's the time to pick it up!

(Shoot us a message if you want to know if any specific online platform has it)
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How's your 2017 starting off?
What you guys and gals looking forward to from your boys at Follow My Lead this year?
Being 2 weeks into 2017 we'd like to say that we hope you all had a good New Years and for those of you who are on that exercise grind, here's something to listen to

Follow My Lead // Jugular (Official Music Video)

Off of the album "Spit, Kick, Revolt." out 06.17.16 CD: Digital: https://invoguerecords.bandcamp.c...

Thank you all for being patient with us throughout this period of silence. We really hope all of you have been enjoying Spit, Kick, Revolt over these past few months. We have a new music video dropping very soon as well as some other cool stuff.

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Thank you x

Follow My Lead // Jugular (Official Music Video)

Off of the album "Spit, Kick, Revolt." out 06.17.16 CD: Digital: https://invoguerecords.bandcamp.c...

Pick up Spit, Kick, Revolt today!!

And keep your eyes peeled for our new music video, coming to your screens in the near future!

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Follow My Lead : inVogue Records
Danny Bochkov on our recent video shoot!
Which song do you think this video is for?
William's setup on set of a brand new music video last week. Excited to release this one!
He proudly plays TRX Cymbals America.
Have you picked up Spit, Kick, Revolt yet?! If not, get your copy here!
CD: [ Link ]
iTunes: [ Link ]

New Noise Magazine - 4/5
Soundfiction - 7.3/10
MOSH - 7/10
Where do you want to see us tour?! And with whom?!
"Spit, Kick, Revolt" the debut album by Follow My Lead is out now.

Pick up your copy from iTunes, stream it on Spotify or get the CD from our MerchNow online store

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We ran a competition a couple weeks ago for a signed copy of our album! We are pleased to announce that the winner is TIMM MADDOCKS! If you could contact the page to claim your prize, we can work out getting it sent to you! Congratulations bro, and thank you to everyone who entered!
Do you have some Follow My Lead merch? If you do post a picture of yourself wearing some in the comments! We'd love to see all you lovely people supporting us. If you don't have any don't despair, you can pick up your new threads right here!!

Deer Black : IVR0 : inVogue Records
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Writing little tiny notes for nobody to read
Of all the times you've been left
Broken and bleeding
I'm telling you now for once and for all
I could lead you away if you'd follow my calls

Follow My Lead - Charcoal

Off The Album "Spit, Kick, Revolt" Coming Out On 6.17.16! CD/Merch: iTunes: Facebook: Ins...