Pulses are our powerful ally in achieving food security #LovePulses

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Biodiversity is essential for food security and nutrition.
Forests are nature’s powerhouse and a vital resource for meeting the world’s renewable-energy demand. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Infographic: Forests and Energy

Rural people’s livelihoods are the best defence against #famine. #FacingFamine
How #UNFAO helped farmers in Bangladesh restore and diversify their livelihoods and build resilience to shocks: [ Bit.ly Link ]

FAO’s work with the men and women farmers of the Chittagong Hill Tracts

Food losses represent a waste of resources used in production such as land, water, energy and inputs, increasing the green gas emissions in vain. Make #NotWasting a way of life!
A long and happy life to the new #EAFNansen state-of-the art oceanic research ship, christened today in #Oslo. Onward to new adventures!
#DidYouKnow? Woodfuel provides 40% of global renewable energy supply – more than solar, hydroelectric & wind power #LoveForests
Healthier animals, healthier people: How FAO prevents infectious diseases.
Planting trees today is essential for present and future generations!
Saving livelihoods saves lives. The road to recovery begins with #farmers. #FacingFamine
We are working with street vendors in Accra to improve hygiene and food safety conditions: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We can all make a difference! #WorldWaterDay
Water is a precious resource, don't waste it! #WorldWaterDay
Water is a precious resource - every drop counts!
Rural people's livelihoods are the best defence against famine in the coming months. #FacingFamine
Happy International Day of Forests! Wood is vital for Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring access to affordable energy to all by 2030 #IntlForestsDay

Forests are nature’s powerhouse

Have you had your morning coffee? Did you know coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world? [ Bit.ly Link ]
We want to hear from you! #UNFAO is calling on experts to participate in a discussion on “Agroecology and Nutrition” to identify successful agroecological farming practices contributing to nutrition.

Agroecology and Nutrition

What is Happiness for you? #InternationalDayOfHappiness