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Did you know the main component of turmeric, curcumin, is actually quite hard for your body to absorb and utilize? Find out how making your own golden paste can enhance its bioavailability in a delicious way!

How to Make an Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Paste You’ll Want to Add to Everything
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Dietary fiber is an essential component of a well-balanced diet, leading to better digestive and health. Here are some natural ways to get more of it. (via Thrive Market)

Natural Sources of Fiber
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Curious about why James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch created our new 21 Day Food Matters Program? Have a listen to hear our intentions

Here's a snippet of our Facebook Live we did in our Private Facebook Group with the first group going through the program. We cannot explain how amazing the feedback we are getting is, we are so grateful to be able to help and connect with our tribe...
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Start small.

#FMquotes #foodmatters
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Improve your memory and protect your heart with this delicious berry… even when they’re not in season! You can safely freeze blueberries without losing any nutritional value at all. Hello, perfect smoothie!

8 Reasons To Eat Blueberries and Why You Should Freeze Them!
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Check out the ultimate starter pack to kick start your detox journey and cleanse your body naturally!

The Food Matters guided 3-day detox will help recharge your body with organic superfoods. This pack also includes a range of inspirational resources for the mind. Take a look here: [ Link ]
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We spend all night with our face pressed against this potential reservoir of germs. During the average human lifespan, that adds up to 25 years (one-third of our life) of direct exposure to fungi, mites and potential pathogens. What was the last time you washed or replaced your pillow?

Is Your Pillow Making You Sick?
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The scary reality of antibiotic resistance is an important topic facing people across the globe.This article discusses a real-life example and how you can protect yourself.

What Is Antibiotic Resistance? (And How To Prevent It!)
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Bad breath can be so embarrassing. Take action with this all-natural remedy that gets to the root of the problem. It's a simple daily habit that makes a massive difference to your dental health.

Say goodbye to bad breath, plaque and bacteria in your mouth with just one ingredient
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Something to think about... When did it begin? Why did it begin?

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Hello, adorable! If you’ve never tried your hand at homemade tarts, this recipe is destined for your kitchen. Here’s how you can put a new spin on your favorite healthy ingredients like coconut oil, almonds, lemons and dates!

Raw, no-bake blueberry and lemon tarts that are naturally sweetened with dates
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You may not know about these stress-relievers… (via Kris Carr)

My Top 5 Adaptogens to Improve Your Well-Being
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Allow yourself permission...

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If, for no other reason, you try this recipe for the vegan queso cheese, we guarantee it will be SOOO worth it! They disappeared quick smart in the Food Matters test kitchen!

Mexican Sweet Potato Quesadillas
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Ready to be INSPIRED, EMPOWERED and EQUIPPED with easy-to-implement tools for unlimited abundance in all areas of your life? Join me alongside 5 other wellness experts on January 25th-26th at the IINSpiring Health in 2017 Summit. Register here: [ Link ]

IINspiring Health in 2017
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What are the healthiest ingredients to cook with? Dr. Josh Axe has some great suggestions to try this year!

Popular in Jamaica & Africa, green banana flour can be used as a gluten-free straight replacement for wheat flours
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Our first group for our NEW 21 Day Food Matters Program has kicked off, we could not be more excited!!

You can still join in with us for just $1! You'll have access to meal plans, shopping lists, daily yoga and meditation classes, guided video instruction & 24 hour live chat support. Start anytime. Cancel anytime. Find out more: [ Link ]
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We love blueberries, but they can be so expensive! What if you could grow your own little superfoods and save money? Get ready for next gardening season with these amazing tips for growing the best blueberries in your own backyard.

How to grow an unlimited amount of blueberries in your backyard