Learning how to cook artichoke and talking about the #UKCEOCookOff with Anna Hansen, the head chef of The Modern Pantry!
Find out more about this epic event and why some of the UK's top chefs, including Anna, are getting involved at
We're working with UKHarvest for the UK's first ever #UKCEOCookOff. Check it out and see how in a world where we waste a whopping third of the food that we produce, these guys are working hard to the nourish the nation and redistribute food to those that struggle to afford to eat. [ Goo.gl Link ] #FoodRevolution
Wondering what the #UKCEOCookOff is all about? Check it out from Jamie Oliver himself here!

I’m launching the UK CEO CookOff | Jamie's Food Revolution

This community fridge is ensuring that unwanted food isn't wasted but instead goes to people who might need it! #FoodRevolution

A community fridge has opened in London to make sure food isn't going to waste

We're cooking up a storm and talking about the #UKCEOCookOff with the head chef of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen!

Find out more about this epic event and why some of the UK's top chefs, including Robbin, are getting involved at
How to cook the perfect rice. Try it out with Jamie Oliver's #FoodRevolution Lamb & chickpea curry: [ Goo.gl Link ] #FridayNightFeast
There's a whopping 62 grams of sugar in a 500ml bottle of Lucozade Energy Orange - that is the equivalent of THREE jelly doughnuts! #FoodRevolution

We measured the amount of sugar in big brand drinks – and it was pretty scary

Happy Sunday y'all! What's cooking up in your house this weekend?

Here some of our ambassadors take on Jamie Oliver's classic #FoodRevolution roast chicken.

10 twists on Jamie's roast chicken - Jamie Oliver | Features

How cute is this?! It's never too early to get your kids in the kitchen folks!

Repost Jamie Oliver & baby River #FoodRevolution
Check out Jamie Oliver's latest food fight!

In the UK? Watch #FridayNightFeast, tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 to find out more. #FoodRevolution

We love fish! So much so that we’re putting our seas in danger | Jamie's Food Revolution

What's your favourite fish guys?

Did you know that a whopping 67% of all seafood bought in the UK is made up of just 5 species! #FridayNightFeast #FoodRevolution
"We all want the same things – we all want love, we all want food and we all want safety. It’s about how we come together – and how we get the broken food system working so that all young people have opportunities to thrive through access to good nutrition.” - Jamie Oliver #foodrevolution #tbt

A food system that works for everyone | Jamie's Food Revolution

British children’s consumption of sugary food and soft drinks is among the highest in Europe. 'We have developed an addiction to sugar and we need a #FoodRevoltuion to tackle it.'

We need revolution to break children's sugar addiction, says minister

In the news this morning - the amount of sugar in some of our children's breakfast cereal is over a THIRD of the total product?! We need a #FoodRevolution!

Read more: [ Independent.co.uk Link ]
We're bringing together the nation’s top chefs and the biggest names in UK business for a once in a lifetime evening of cooking, fundraising and feasting. It's going to be epic. Read all about it and see our brilliant line up of chefs at Jamie Oliver UKHarvest #FoodRevolution #UKCEOCookOff
Avocados and water, or sugary drinks and sweets... With all eyes on the Super Bowl, what do you think should be getting advertised? #foodrevolution

A healthier Super Bowl? | Jamie's Food Revolution

Guys who wants to see community fridges in their town??? Lets help get rid of #foodwaste- anyone can drop off their surplus food and then its a free for all! such a great initiative catch up on it all on #FridayNightFeast on All 4 xx #FoodRevolution
Our #FoodRevolution Ambassadors play a leadership role in connecting individuals, schools, businesses and organisations at a local level to ensure their collective voice is heard. Sorella Le Var tells us what it's like to get started on the programme and how she made links with The Food Assembly

Getting started as an Ambassador | Jamie's Food Revolution | Jamie Oliver