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This Pop-Up food share is fighting food insecurity because no one should have to ask: “Do I eat breakfast this morning, or do I buy gas to get to work, or do I pay for heating oil, or do I pay for school supplies for my kids, or lunch." > [ Goo.gl Link ]

Prepare meals using fresh and staple foods; Limit consumption of ready-to-eat food and drink products; Eat with others whenever possible. #foodrevolution

What Brazil’s dietary guidelines can teach us | Jamie's Food Revolution | Jamie Oliver

Happy #MeatFreeMonday!

Read about how schools are embracing this movement through Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project > [ Goo.gl Link ] #FoodRevolution
People across the globe are using their creativity and love for food and the planet to fight food waste!

Tristram Stuart Feedback #foodrevolution

Waste: the global food scandal | Jamie's Food Revolution

While the UK government might have let us down with the childhood obesity strategy, there is something that we can do at home - get in the kitchen and get cooking! Cooking with kids is brilliant fun, and more importantly, it’s likely to help them towards living long and healthy lives. #FoodRevolution

Please, just start cooking with your children | Jamie's Food Revolution

Shouldn't hospitals be a place where only healthy foods and drinks are offered? #foodrevolution

One Doctor’s fight to prescribe REAL food | Jamie's Food Revolution

''The Swiss food giant, Nestle, says it has made a scientific breakthrough that can sharply cut the sugar in its chocolate.'' #foodrevolution

Nestle says can cut sugar in chocolate by 40% - BBC News

Almost six-in-ten breakfast cereals are too sweet – with a shocking difference in levels found in the same brand depending on which country it’s bought in! #FoodRevolution

Concerns Raised Over The Amount Of Salt And Sugar In UK Breakfast Cereals

Check out the SugarByHalf LIVE stream with Damon Gameau of That Sugar Film discussing the $50 billion sugar industry, where sugar is hiding and how to optimise your health by cutting back on it! #foodrevolution
'The fact that products such as Lucozade and Ribena will be reformulated to fall below the newly minted national sugary drinks tax matters.' #FoodRevolution

The soft drink industry’s less sugary future: Lucozade and Ribena to reformulate

"I believe that all children should have access to adequate and nutritious food that not only nourishes them, but directly helps them achieve good results in school. And I believe that our actions now, can determine how the next 10 years will be." #foodrevolution

Food for Education, the Kenyan school meals programme offering kids a lifeline | Jamie's Food Revolution

"The obesity epidemic is sometimes talked about as if it was an act of nature, or an unfortunate accident." #FoodRevolution

The sugar conspiracy | Jamie's Food Revolution

More from Scotland, as the government sets a target to reduce food waste by 33% by 2025. That's a whopping 445,000 tonnes! #FoodRevolution

Scotland outlines food waste reduction target

"When markets go wrong, governments need to step in". #TellTheresa #foodrevolution

The obesity epidemic is an economic issue

These teenagers are on a mission to educate their fellow students on the negative effects of sugar! #foodrevolution

Young New Zealand group fight the over consumption of sugar in their society | Jamie's Food Revolution

ICYMI: Hospitals are the very place that are meant to make us better. Will England be the first country to take this bold action across its health services? #foodrevolution

NHS chief proposes sugary drinks tax and ban in hospitals | Jamie's Food Revolution

YES! This should be the case worldwide. #foodrevolution

We Should Be Encouraging Doctors To Give Nutritional Advice

Jamie Oliver's #FoodRevolution veggie noodle stir-fry!

Check out these 10 twists on this brilliant dish from our ambassadors: [ Goo.gl Link ]
And worryingly, kids as young as 4 years old are drinking the equivalent of almost half a BATHTUB full of sugary drinks each year. #foodrevolution #TellTheresa

Cancer warning as teenagers consume the equivalent of a bathtub of sugary drinks a year

Isn’t it time we made obesity and under-nutrition as prehistoric as sending glass and cardboard to landfill? Isn’t there a way to disrupt and improve the system that’s making us ill? Find out more about how you can be invovled in making this change here [ Bit.ly Link ] #LAUNCHFood #FoodRevolution