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Sunday football means wings & pizza!

Remember to use a food thermometer to make sure your wings are cooked to 165 °F for safety!
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Cross contamination can happen right in your kitchen sink. Are you doing the right things to prevent it? Check your steps below:
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Foodborne illness can be costly. Is it really worth it? Take a look at all the ways you can prevent foodborne illness & don’t forget to share with family & friends. Head over to for more info!
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Do you know how long you should store your baby’s food? It’s important to know to keep your baby safe from foodborne illness! Learn the answer & more tips on baby food storage over at [ Link ]
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At the grocery store or farmers market & need food safety tips? We’ve got you covered. Download the Ask Karen app. She’s able to answer your food safety questions 24/7.

Available on iOS: [ Link ] & Android: [ Link ]

Ask Karen from USDA
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January is National Soup Month! Food safety tip: Don’t leave a large pot of soup on the counter to cool before placing in the fridge. Instead, separate into smaller containers and safely place in the fridge for immediate cooling.
Meal prepping for a healthy 2017? Remember for best quality & safety, store meals in the freezer & shift 1 set of meals to the fridge each night to be thawed for the next day.
It’s game time! While you’re watching the games this weekend remember to keep food safety in your playbook! #NFLPlayoffs
Did you know people with diabetes are more prone to foodborne illness? Be in the know! Find food safety tips for those living with diabetes at [ Link ]

Food Safety for Diabetes Patients |
His name is BAC & he’s on the attack! It’s Friday the 13th & superstitious or not, bacteria that can cause foodborne illness is everywhere. Don’t let BAC spook your Friday!

Fight BAC by following these 4 simple food safety steps.
Did you know the USDA Meat & Poultry Hotline has answered over 3 million food safety calls since 1985? Have food safety questions? Call the Meat & Poultry Hotline @ 1-888-674-6854 or chat live at [ Link ] !
On the go & in need of food safety advice? Download the Ask Karen app! Ask Karen is the virtual food safety expert that answers your food safety questions, no matter where you are.

Available on iOS: [ Link ] & Android: [ Link ]
Hostess Brands, LLC issues a voluntary recall for Limited-Edition Holiday White Peppermint Hostess® Twinkies® due to possible Salmonella contamination. The confectionery coating of this product contains milk powder ingredients recalled by Valley Milk Products, LLC. There are no current reports of illness from consuming this product. If you have this product, do not consume. More info: [...
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Avoid cross contamination in your kitchen! Remember to use 2 separate cutting boards: 1 for produce & bread and 1 for raw meat, poultry, & seafood.
Food safety is very important for aging adults. It’s even more important to know which foods are higher risks for you. Follow these tips to help protect you or someone you know from foodborne illness: [ Link ]
Handwashing is a great and simple way to prevent foodborne illness. Make sure you’re doing it right and doing it often!
No plans for the weekend? Today is the perfect day to clear the fridge! Toss all of that spoiled holiday food for a nice clean start to the new year!
Snow headed your way? Don't let the winter weather take over the safety of your food! Tips for surviving the snow & staying food safe here ↓
It’s Three Kings Day! No matter what you prepare, include food safety on the menu. You can check your steps over at [! Link ] #FoodSafety
Stay clear of the “Danger Zone” this year! Remember, when perishable foods are left in the “Danger Zone" (40-140°F) for more than 2 hours, bacteria can double in number in as little as every 20 minutes!