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On the go? Microwave food prep is super convenient. Use these tips the next time you’re in a hurry to avoid foodborne illness!
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In 1834 Henry Blair, a farmer, became a pioneer in agriculture. Having invented the corn seed planter & later the cotton planter, Blair easily became a huge contributor to agricultural practices today. His inventions went on to increase farm productivity for many years. #TBT #BlackHistoryMonth
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Do you know what the signs of food spoilage are? Foods that have spoiled display a change in color, a change in texture & an unpleasant odor. More useful information on food spoilage here: [ Link ]

What is Food Spoilage? |
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Los alimentos preparados en casa o los sobrantes de alimentos que traemos de un restaurante deben ser refrigerados en dos horas. Si usted piensa ir a cenar a un restaurante para celebrar el #DíadeSanValentín y le sobran alimentos para llevar a casa, asegúrese de refrigerarlos en 2 horas; de no ser así descarte todos aquellos alimentos perecederos, como carnes, aves, huevos, acompañantes o...
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Home cooked foods or leftovers brought home from a restaurant must be refrigerated within 2 hours. If you went out to dinner to celebrate St. Valentine's Day & take leftovers with you, make sure to discard all perishable foods, such as meat, poultry, eggs, side dishes or casseroles, left at room temperature for longer than 2 hours!
Preparing for Valentine's Day tomorrow? Use these tips to help prevent food poisoning at your Valentine's dinner!

Healthy Valentine's Dinner
Are you in the habit of grabbing fresh fruit straight from the fridge to snack on? It’s important to remember to wash your fruits & veggies to remove dirt & reduce bacteria. Here’s how: [ Link ]

The Importance of Cleaning and Washing During Food Preparation

30 Sec - Illness-causing bacteria can survive in many places around your kitchen, including your hands, utensils, and cutting boards.

Cooking for your Valentine this weekend? Keep the love in the air, not foodborne illness! Remember to use a food thermometer to cook dishes to a safe temperature.
Having seafood for dinner? Raw or undercooked seafood could contain foodborne pathogens that can make you sick! Remember to cook all seafood to 145 °F for safety.
Happy National Pizza Day! Remember to secure the package! Don’t leave your pizza greatness out for more than 2 hours to avoid foodborne illness!
⚠ Winter advisories ⚠ in your area? Check out these quick tips to keep your food safe before & during severe weather!
Shopping is a great time to teach kids about food safety! Discuss why raw meat & poultry should stay separate from other foods.
The February edition of EdNet is now available! Are you subscribed? EdNet is a monthly food safety news journal for teachers, food safety advocates, government officials & so many more. Check out what this month’s issue of EdNet has in store here: [ Link ]
Affected by severe weather? Stay safe out there! Severe weather can mean power outages, floods & other problems that can affect the safety of food. Use these food safety tips to protect you & your family from foodborne illness.

Tag someone who may be affected to keep them safe!
It’s National Canned Food Month! Whether an avid canner or a newbie, avoid the dangers of botulism. Keep your family safe by using these simple food safety tips for canning. [ Link ]
Your team just lost the Super Bowl & it’s a Monday; don’t let foodborne illness complete the trifecta! Remember to never eat food that has been left out for more than 2 hours. Be sure to reheat leftovers to 165 °F for safety. More tips: [ Link ]
Remember to add food safety to your Super Bowl party playbook. Keep these food safety tips close during & after party prep to prevent food poisoning!
Don’t get caught in an Illegal Use of Hands penalty during the Super Bowl. Remember to wash your hands with warm soap & water for 20 seconds before & after handling raw foods.
It’s finally game day! Need a few last minute tips for prepping your Super Bowl Spread. We’ve got you covered!