Best celebration ever
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01/14/2017 at 18:36. Facebook
Its the 92nd minute, the score is 1-1...& ur goalkeeper does this...
Cristiano Ronaldo Dab

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Freestyler dresses as old man & stuns crowd..
Ronaldinho: Still got it!
Luis Suarez's 100th Barcelona goal

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That move by Ronaldinho
That pass from Mesut Özil
Manuel Neuer :P
When Ibra silenced Julio Cesar..
When the magic spray goes wrong
Nani humiliates goal keeper with an amazing free-kick!
Unforgettable from Zlatan Ibrahimovic!
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The #PuskasAward for best goal of 2016 goes to Mohd Faiz Subri. Who needs physics
Leo Messi's goal from free kicks last night.
Gigio Donnarumma is ridiculous. He's still just 17!

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Carles Puyol is a true leader!

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