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I thought I knew, son. But I had no idea.

Dear Firstborn: I Didn't Know
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I wrote this with tears streaming down my face. I don't WANT to live in a "Down syndrome-free world"—SHAME on those who do.

Thanks to Screening and Abortion, No Babies With Down Syndrome Are Born In Iceland
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"Church, God hates it when a woman is sexually degraded and forced to do things that disgust her.

It should also make us want to vomit."


Dear Church: It's Time to Stop Enabling Abusive Husbands
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"I would tell her not to wait around for a boy to come sweeping in and save her. I would make it a point to teach her that the world has tried to convince women that they need men to feel complete and that that is a big fat, ugly lie."

Why I Will Teach My Daughter Not To Wait
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"I looked into her deep blue eyes, that seemed to know something from another world, and her blonde tossled hair russled in the breeze. And in that moment, she seemed a thousand years old."

My 3-Yr-Old Asked “You Know Why God Took So Long to Give You a Baby?”—Then She Said “I Know Why”
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Haaaa! My oldest, um, struggles with condensing the story....
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"I was a sad and angry teenage girl. I faced my Goliath, the abortion industry. I lost that battle and was left in devastation and tears, and without my child."

I Am a Mother Who Regrets Her Abortion
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Proud to say the interpreter here, Paul, is a good friend of mine! I think all our kids should learn ASL in school. This is SO awesome!
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"I swallowed my first taste of alcohol at age 16 sitting on a car in the high school parking lot. The next morning, I sat in the choir loft for church."

I Am the Good Girl Who Drank to Become Someone Else
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Get out your red markers! Today is the day to tell the world that modern day slavery still exists and we're not OK with it! Post a pic of yourself with the red X on your hand to social media and spread the word! #enditmovement
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The truth is, strangers have been telling me how to parent my child since before she was born. Once that belly pops out, IT'S ON.

To the Strangers Who Tell Me How to Parent My Child
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#3: Sex traffickers target vulnerability, and EVERY child has vulnerabilities.

Today is #ENDIt day. Will you speak up and educate other parents about sex trafficking? #EndITMovement

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Sex Trafficking #ENDItMovement
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A call from school isn't about accusing your child of bad behavior...or accusing you of being a bad parent.

Mamas, we would be SO WISE to give this one our time...and bookmark it!

This Principal Has Something to Say About the Call From School No Parent Wants to Get
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Oh, my word, married ladies. Tears, because TRUTH. #realmarriage

When Love Is In the Leftovers
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I am feeling SUPER optimistic today! ☕ ☕
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Back away slowly, children.
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