There could be one unexpected benefit from the 2017 wild winter weather in Northern California: a very good year for wine.

How This Wet, Wild Winter In California Wine Country Could Have Unexpected Benefits
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The proper way to raise a glass from Germany to China.

Your Guide to Drinking Etiquette Around the World
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These tips don't require major effort, and will make your house look great.

10 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home In 10 Minutes Or Less
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These behaviors can be adopted by anybody.

8 Patterns Of Extremely Successful People
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Tom Steyer spent $65 million to back environmental causes and the Democratic Party in 2016. Here's how he plans to using his his voice–and his wallet–to battle President Donald J. Trump.

Billionaire Tom Steyer Talks About His Plan To Fight President Trump
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After 308 days on the road, 200,000 miles in the air, hundreds of cities, and thousands of meetings one of America's hottest winemakers has a few things to teach every entrepreneur who's thinking about launching a start-up. Millennials take note. Cheers to that

What Every Start-Up Entrepreneur Can Learn From America's Hottest New Wine
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Waymo, the former Google Self-Driving Car project just dropped a major bombshell.

Clash Of The Titans: Alphabet's Waymo Sues Uber Claiming Technology Theft
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This year’s Oscar nominees have all earned prestige, but some of them already have plenty of cash.

Denzel Washington's $290 Million-Plus Earnings Make Him The Highest-Paid Oscar Nominee
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If you’re stalling out at the interview stage, that means you simply need to change up how you handle that one part of the process.

3 Reasons You're Not Getting Hired (Even Though You're 100% Qualified)
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While your local area might be flooded with new Gen 2 Pokémon in the wake of Pokémon GO’s latest update, you might be finding that you’re missing a few key ingredients in pursuit of some specific evolutions. And you might be missing them for a while.

Only One In A Thousand PokéStops Are Giving Out Pokémon GO's Gen 2 Evolution Items
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A number of top Democratic lobbyists have significant ties to Russian interests, including the Podesta Group, Lanny Davis, and former Sen. John Breaux.

No One Mentions That The Russian Trail Leads To Democratic Lobbyists
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Angelinos spent an average of 104 hours stuck in traffic jams last year, or about 12.7 percent of their total drive time.

When It Comes To Bad Urban Traffic, Los Angeles Leads The World
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Resume “blemishes” will not be a big deal to the interviewer if you don’t see them as a big deal.

The Recruiter Said 'You'll Start Out Low -- But You'll Move Up Fast'
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It starts by making your interests a priority.

A $200K Job Offer Showed Me My Potential Was Limitless
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On apparel, men outspend women by about $10 a month, or 13%.

Yes, Men Coupon -- And 5 Other Things Retailers Should Know
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Having diabetes in middle age may even rival the gene variant for Alzheimer’s disease in predicting the onset of dementia.

The Risk Factors For Heart Disease Also Predict Dementia
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CloudLeak bug could have left users' private OKCupid messages and Uber passwords open to anyone, Google researchers warn.

Google Just Discovered A Massive Web Leak... And You Might Want To Change All Your Passwords
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