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From ForbesLife India:
Soft power dressing reigns in menswear this fall. Empire star Terrence Howard lays down the rules

Forbes India Magazine - How to suit up like an emperor
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The tennis legend gives his audience a sincere glimpse into the journey of his life; a false image, excelling in what he often hated to do for a living and why reaching No. 1 is not that pleasing. And how to come out on top.

Andre Agassi:
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Insider experience, credibility and a sound technological background made Tata group veteran N Chandrasekaran the unanimous choice for the top job at Tata Sons

Forbes India Magazine - N Chandrasekaran: Tata group's future-ready boss
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Here's the link to the podcast of our Pre-Budget Special issue which hits stands soon!


Podcast: The big reboot
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The Pre-Budget Special issue will be out on stands soon.

In this issue: Why #Budget2017 will be a vital statement of intent from the #Modi government; an exclusive poll of some of India’s top CEOs and CFOs; all about the new #Tata boss, N Chandrasekaran and lots more!
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Podcast: The big reboot

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Letter from the editor: It is now clear that #Budget2017 will be a vital statement of intent from the #Modi government

Road map for a new India
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Budget Basics Explained: The Receipts Book

#Budget2017 Arun Jaitley #India #FM #FinanceMinister PMO India
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With increased usage of team culture, globalisation and need to retain talent, understanding the psychology and dynamics of teams is critical.

Common issues teams face at the workplace | Forbes India Blog
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Do you know what an Expense account is?

Here is a detailed explanation over it.

#Budget2017 Arun Jaitley #FM #FinanceMinister #ArunJaitley
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A recent study by McKinsey found that the average life-span of companies listed in Standard & Poor’s 500 was 61 years in 1958. Today, it is less than 18 years

Why you will probably live longer than most big companies
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Insight 18 | The Jallikattu controversy: All you need to know
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The quality of ideas produced through networking may depend on the personality types of those interacting

Why you should have an extrovert on your startup team
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Multiplex chain launches theatre-on-demand service VKAAO; movies will be screened at a theatre near you if there are enough people attending it

PVR will now screen a movie of your choice for you
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India has taken over from China as home to some of the world's most dynamic cities

The world's 10 most dynamic cities
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Entrepreneurs should understand the finer differences that characterise different investors or investments in different lifecycle stages and prepare accordingly during the fund raising process

Forbes India Magazine - Inside the minds of venture investors
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The level of commitment a brand dictates, depends on how well the brand manager is engaging his customers

Mobile: The requisite of brand engagement
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A joint initiative of the #Tata Trusts and the World Council on City Data aims to bring about a data revolution in Indian cities and the way they are governed

Big data can make Indian cities better places to live
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You need that space to come up with the right questions before you apply all of your energies to answering them

Designing an innovation process for organizations
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Marketing is dead; long live marketing!

Marketing's post-digital age