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Here's something to celebrate, we were's Most Awarded Brand in 2016!

Do you drive one of our award-winning vehicles?
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Kicking off a fun filled day at Luna Park Melbourne to experience the brand new, jaw dropping Ford Escape.

Which colour takes your fancy?

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Welcome to the dark side!

The Ranger FX4 features tough new alloy wheels, black roof rails, unique black features and leather accentuated seats.

What do you think of our new special edition Ranger?
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8 corners in 30 seconds is much harder than it sounds. Watch and see this Focus in action.
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Let's kick off the week with this stunning view. #MustangMonday

Photo by Fitness First magazine
Living the Aussie dream in a Ford Ranger. Any guesses where this perfect beach is?

Photo by IG fan Jimmy (@unnajimmy)
Last month we unveiled the 2018 Ford Mustang. What do you think of the new design of our iconic pony car?
Want to send a subtle hint to your Valentine? Here's your chance.
Focus RS with its older brother the Sierra RS500 Cosworth. No matter which one you prefer, performance has always been in our blood.

Photo by IG fan, Randy (@Xitan)
Which SUV are you? Tap to stop, and share your screenshot in the comments.

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Take a look around, this Ranger is on a mission. Can you guess where it is?

Find out where and why by watching the video at
Check out those Brembo brakes. What's your favourite feature on the powerhouse Focus RS?
Here's some grunt for your Friday afternoon. #FocusFriday

Pic by IG fan Sebastian (sebastianaxyl)
Before setting off, veterinarian Ferdz needed to make an important stop for his mission. Have a look around and take a guess what he's doing there.

Watch the important mission with the Ranger at [ Link ]
The best thing about owning a car is the places you'll go, like this Everest in country NSW.

Show us your Fordtography in the comments below.
Ferdinand โ€œFerdzโ€ Recio, wildlife veterinarian, endured nearly six hours behind the wheel on soaked winding roads in the name of a humanitarian cause. Watch as the Ranger takes on the task with ease.

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Not only will they get you there, theyโ€™ll also keep guard while you enjoy the secluded beauty of the wilderness. Can you guess where this campsite is?

Watch here to find out
At Ford we know that some loans make a big difference, so we called in a favour from Aussie Cricket Legend Merv Hughes.

While we can't offer up free loans from Merv every day, you can learn about our free loan car program at
What's Australian cricket legend Merv Hughes doing hanging out with our Ford Escape?

Guess in the comments, and keep your eyes peeled tomorrow to find out.
On a special journey through the rough and rugged roads of Kota Belud, off-road enthusiast and Ranger owner Ira Uzair became an even bigger fan of the Ford Ranger (if thatโ€™s possible). Watch the video to find out why.

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