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01/17/2017 at 20:01. Facebook
Introducing the 2018 Ford Mustang.

A meaner and leaner look, more technology than ever and improved performance. Stay tuned for further information later this year.
Ford Australia
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Is the rising cost of fuel your reason for prioritising efficiency? #EcoBoost #FordEscape
Ford Australia
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That's one way to wash the Ford Everest! Thanks for the tips, How to DAD.
Happy Friday, Australia. Driving's a dream with SYNC®3. Where are you off to this weekend?
It’s Kiss a Ginger Day, so we did our part to give our favourite orange Aussie some love. #KissAGingerDay
The Ranger was eager to take on more machinery but we decided to let it take on the excavator bucket for today. Take a look around and see how many wheels you can count in the picture.

Watch what the Ranger did with its own 4 wheels and the 4 carrying the excavator bucket: [ Link ]
Power and efficiency – why not have both? #EcoBoost
Cold, wet and windy Auckland winter day, check. Narrow, winding trails and sludgy, slippery ground, check. Michael Stil and the Ranger set to tow one large excavator bucket, CHECK.

Explore your own needs with the Ranger at
Let's be honest, sunsets are better with a Mustang.

Picture by Fivespice Creative for Klosters
The 2017 Ford Escape is the first vehicle of the year to be awarded a 5-star ANCAP safety rating! Just another reason why our newest SUV is a superior choice, but we’re biased.

Learn more about the new Escape at
Apart from the Ranger, can you count how many stars you can see in the clear sky of the Outback?

Find out why it was there to begin with:
Do you wait for fuel prices to drop before you fill up? #EcoBoost #FordEscape
Mustang EcoBoost or Focus RS? took the two 2.3L performance Fords and compared them.

Watch the video at
Would you skydive into a pickup truck? Ford found someone willing to try – check it out in this video.
YouTube stars Jamie and Nikki love the EcoBoost Mondeo. It's the perfect family car for a road trip up north.

Where would you take the Mondeo?
The New Ford Escape is ready to play this summer, are you?

Learn more at
The sound of magic is all around, if you Focus on where to find it. Have a magical holiday season!
In 2017, Ford will invest $450 million in R&D in Australia so that the engineers of tomorrow have lots to look forward to... and so do their pets!

Watch to find out what we mean.
The 2.3L EcoBoost engine you find inside the Focus RS has been named in the prestigious 2017 Ward’s Autoworld Magazine 10 best engines list.

We couldn't be prouder of our powerhouse Focus.
How does your family have a picnic? How to DAD has a few tips with the new Escape and SYNC3 to get you through summer.

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