Ford EcoSport
03/21/2017 at 06:01. Facebook
Intrigued about how we make costs of spare parts surprisingly affordable?

Vikas Yogi from India Car News explains it perfectly saying, “In Aspire and Figo there are in total 850 sub-assembly parts. So, if anything happens to the car, only the sub-assembly will be replaced instead of the whole part, which makes Ford cars quite cheap to maintain.”

Do you still think Ford maintenance is...
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Ford EcoSport
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Atul takes a break with his EcoSport to find himself reaching beautiful views. Have you planned anything for the weekend yet?

Photo Courtesy- Atul
#DidYouKnow the service cost of Ford EcoSport is as low as Rs.3662, even in its 5th year? Know more here: [ Link ]. #MythConception
A glimpse of Tushar’s first journey of the year. When are you going on yours?

Picture Courtesy: Tushar
Quem nunca: tirou uma foto do Eco na viagem e compartilhou nas redes? #PratiqueEcoSport
Leave a trail of your #FordMoments on fresh snow this weekend. Take a trip to Khajjiar.
Promessa de ano novo: o dobro de quilômetros rodados! #PratiqueEcoSport
Here’s a truly memorable caption shared by Ranveer in February this year– “If you don’t take a picture of your car when you park it, you got the wrong car.” Don’t you agree?
Photo courtesy: Ranveer Raje
#FordMoments #ThrowbackThursday
Jithin kick-started the month with an evening ride on the foggy roads of Coorg. Isn’t this a stunning shot?
Photo courtesy: Jithin Manomohan
Enhance the aesthetics of your EcoSport as per your liking – Browse through Ford’s genuine accessories. [ Link ]
Never be afraid.
Rearrange the picture in the correct order and share your answers in the comments below.
Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is just 253 kms from Bangalore. Explore its misty waterfalls and coffee trails. If you are looking for tranquility, no other trip can match to the drive to Coorg.
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"Nothing can match these looks." Sunil is quite fond of his EcoSport. What are your favourite #FordMoments?
Photo courtesy: Sunil Nair
Forget potholes and patchy roads with 200 mm of ground clearance between your EcoSport and the road. Visit link below and book a test drive: [ Link ]
Drive into the weekend like a boss and celebrate!
Look at the picture closely and tell us which EcoSport will reach the centre. White or red?
Rakesh is conquering the Himalayan terrains on the Leh-Manali highway. He termed it as "a road to heaven." #GoFurther, Rakesh.

Photo courtesy: gognarakesh
Last September, Rohan went out on a drive to 'discover the undiscovered.' Share your #FordMoments with us.

Photo Courtesy: Rohan Khamble