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Without art there is no empathy. Without empathy, there is no justice.
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“We can’t Kickstarter our way out of this,” Darren Walker said to laughter. “Government investment [in the arts] has a broader, more deep and more profound impact.”

The arts are ‘the soul of the country’ and are worth fighting for, Ford Foundation leader tells arts advocates
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Ford Foundation President Darren Walker grew up in a struggling household in Texas. At the Nancy Hanks Lecture for the arts and public policy, Darren highlights the vital role of the arts in paving his path as a leader. More: [ Link ]
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Laura Callanan, the founding partner of grantee Upstart Co-Lab, talks about the role the arts play in bridging people together. More:
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On Monday, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker will address the important role of the arts in keeping America great.

More on the 30th Nancy Hanks Lecture at the Kennedy Center below. #Budget #FundTheArts

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In Indonesia, the new 'Mama Aleta Fund' aims to support indigenous women leaders.

Indonesian environmentalist who diced with death hopes to inspire more women
Today is the 28th birthday of the World Wide Web. Its inventor and Ford Foundation trustee Sir Tim Berners-Lee writes about three challenges we need to face to save the web. #HappyBirthdayWWW

This Sunday, the web turns 28
How can films build empathy and promote progress? #EyesOnThePrize oral history maps out the Ford Foundation-funded documentary series' impact 30 years after its premiere.

Making Eyes on the Prize: An Oral History
20 years after its premiere, Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans are talking about how it has empowered women and girls. Find out how you can use pop culture in your work toward progress. See AndACTION's #PopCulturePivot report: [ Link ]
Nonprofits should be using pop culture, especially the powerful stories on TV and in movies, to amplify their work. A new report from grantee AndACTION shows us how to do it.

Report: Pop Culture Works for Social Change - AndACTION
How does film build empathy? #EyesOnThePrize oral history maps out the Ford Foundation-funded documentary series' impact 30 years after its premiere.

Making 'Eyes on the Prize:' An Oral History
May Boeve, co-founder and executive director of, talks about the challenges and opportunities climate change presents for bringing people out of poverty. #InequalityIs

Every child deserves a fair chance at success. Ford Foundation Vice President Hillary Pennington will talk education as a key tool at #SXSWedu today.

Panel info: [ Link ]
To Ai-Jen Poo, co-director of Caring Across Generations, the experience of caregivers in the United States underscores inequality today. The solution? A social movement. #InequalityIs

Justice leader Linda Sarsour talks about her motivation as woman leader. #InequalityIs
Today on International Women's Day, let's honor the work of amazing women leaders. More:
Where are the Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program alumni now? Latest impact report by Institute of International Education (IIE) finds a strong network of leaders in action.

Leaders in Action: IFP Impacts in Asia
Carmen Vazquez, an LGBT activist and organizer since 1978, explains how discrimination against LGBT people leads to many different kinds of inequality. Despite recent wins with marriage equality, many people still fear losing their jobs, healthcare, and basic rights because of their sexual orientation. More:
Our grantee If Not Us Then Who followed Vicky Tauli-Corpuz, UN special rapporteur on Indigenous Rights, during her visit at #StandingRock. Find out what she said about the situation.
Consumer Reports has launched a Ford Foundation-supported effort called the Digital Standard. It aims to help you understand how a range of digital products measure up when it comes to your security and privacy. Find out how this can affect your decisions.

Shaping a digital marketplace that puts consumers first