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The Ford Foundation is committed to building an infrastructure in which artists connect easily with the tools and talent they need to do their best work, amplify their message, and extend the impact of their projects. #Sundance2017

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How do we bridge a divided America? Ford Foundation's Cara Mertes talks about the role of film in creating empathy and bridging communities together.

How documentary storytelling can forge connection and create change
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On the challenge ahead, we must be unyielding in our fight toward a more just society.

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Kierra Johnson, executive director of URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, describes their efforts in mobilizing for the Women's March in Washington, D.C.

URGE’s Kierra Johnson on the Women’s March and the power of youth
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Freedom and dignity have been challenged before. And we know how to defend them.

Read Ford Foundation President Darren Walker's reflections on the challenge ahead: [ Link ]

Let America be America again: A New Year’s reflection
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We're with our grantee organizations and filmmakers at Sundance to talk about social justice filmmaking.

And we're asking people this question: How does filmmaking help us build a more just society? Share your thoughts!
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Acclaimed Poet and Ford Foundation Director of Creativity and Free Expression Elizabeth Alexander recounts the day she read her poem at Obama's first inauguration.

A Poet’s Tale from Obama’s First Inaugural
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The words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr challenge us to examine the structures that create inequality and injustice, the causes of human suffering, and the sources of our own privilege.

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At Ford, we seek to learn from the experiences of immigrants themselves, as well as from the expertise of advocates and activists who are working to secure rights and dignity for immigrants. Here is what three of them have to say: [ Link ]

Why standing up for immigrant rights benefits everyone
Can Americans still hand their children the American Dream? Watch tonight at 10/9pm CT on ABC 20/20 with Diane Sawyer. Ford Foundation President Darren Walker is interviewed about America's growing inequality problem.
Amid so many unknowns, here are 10 tech issues that will shape civil liberties, privacy, racial justice, and more in 2017 and beyond:
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10 tech issues that will impact social justice in 2017
America Divided, a Ford-funded documentary series on inequality in the US, is now available to stream on Amazon Prime and Hulu. Watch the series and read our social justice companion guides: [ Link ]

"America Divided": Putting a spotlight on inequality
Join the National Women's Law Center in their efforts to stop school push out for girls of color: [ Link ]
LIVE WEBCAST: Today at 12:30 PM ET, tune in to a discussion on next generation public universities with Ford Foundation VP Hilary Pennington: [ Link ]

Where Are They Now: A Look at America’s Next Generation Universities
Ford Foundation President Darren Walker stresses that we must continue to find the strength within ourselves to persevere and fight for our democratic institutions and ideals: [ Link ]
Read Ford Foundation President Darren Walker's reflection on our current moment and why we must affirm the dignity of all Americans: [ Link ]
Ford Foundation President Darren Walker writes about the current moment we are in and why we must come together to affirm the dignity of all Americans: [ Link ]
Poet and Ford Foundation Director Elizabeth Alexander speaks with Anna Deveare Smith about her latest play, which explores how the education system pushes poor kids of color out of classrooms and into incarceration: [ Link ]

Anna Deavere Smith on the school-to-prison pipeline and the need for empathy in education
Join filmmaker Frederick Wiseman for a walk through New York’s Jackson Heights neighborhood as he talks about his latest documentary “In Jackson Heights” premiering on PBS tonight at 9/8C