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Another jewel in the crown! Ford Mustang wins the 'Premium Car of the Year Award'. Thank you MotorBeam!
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Throwback to 1954 when Ford began crash testing its vehicles. Now, we also use virtual crash testing to gather more data than ever before.

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Have a blissful weekend in the quaint locations of Ooty amidst the Nilgiri mountains. Plan a drive now. Know more here: [ Link ]
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Our aim is to enhance your overall ownership experience, by providing 24X7 emergency support for any roadside assistance.
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Follow your dreams! #MondayMotivation
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“The Pampanga Lahar Beds we drove in are amongst the world’s extreme off-road environments, and the Ford Endeavour performed very well in this tough terrain.” – Overdrive

Go here to read more:[ Link ]

Off-roading With The New Ford Endeavour In Philippines - Overdrive
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We continue with our pledge to break #MythConceptions. Watch our latest TVC featuring popular Soap Opera Star, Sudha Chandran break the #MythConception that Ford cars are expensive to maintain. Know more about our #SurprisinglyAffordable service here: [ Link ]
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The iconic Mustang explores India’s intellectual, artistic and cultural capital, Kolkata. Watch the video to see the meeting of the two icons! #FollowTheMustang
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Explore the Gangtok peaks in your Ford Endeavour that comes with mighty pickup and impressive fuel economy. #SUVSaturday
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We started 2017 by breaking common #MythConceptions. And today, we break the one associated with our Cost of Service. Interested to know more? Here is our latest TVC featuring National Award winning actor, Prakash Raj.

Know more about how we are #SurprisinglyAffordable here: [ Link ]
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Can you solve the puzzle and figure out which Ford car is this? #FridayChallenge
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#DidYouKnow that bananas don’t grow on trees? In fact, it is the world's largest perennial herb! Imagine being referred to something that you are not. Just like Ford cars are seen as expensive to maintain, but in reality is a #MythConception. Read the AutoCar Survey to know more: [ Link ].
Don’t all these #MythConceptions make you go bananas?
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#Throwback to 1954 when Ford introduced the Thunderbird, which emphasized comfort and convenience over sportiness. #ThrowbackThursday
Bulls are threatened by the motion of a bullfighter’s clothing and not the color. Does this raise a red flag? Sounds similar to Ford cars are expensive to maintain. In reality, Ford spare parts are more affordable than competition. Don't be blinded by half-truth. Go and check the Autocar Spare Parts Survey: [ Link ]

Did you know about this #MythConception?
Plan a drive from Mangalore to the forests of Wayanad and experience the picturesque plateaus on the way! Have a look at Ford Go Further Journeys E-Book to plan: [ Link ]