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The 2017 Built Ford Tough PBR season has begun! Get ready for the toughest ride in sports and don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a 2017 F-150.

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Taking off in 1977, Ford F-Series is the best-selling trucks since Voyager I started its billion-mile journey.
Ford F-Series are the best-selling trucks since your favorite 8-track fell under the bench seat.
Ford F-Series — America’s best-selling trucks for 40 straight years, or since disco.
The new 2018 F-150... even tougher, even smarter, even more capable. See more: [ Link ]

*Available Fall 2017.
Check out all the happenings at an exclusive tailgate with a few of our toughest friends…

Go Behind the Scenes
F-Series trucks are now America's best-selling trucks for 40 STRAIGHT YEARS.
F-Series trucks are now America's best-selling trucks for 40 STRAIGHT YEARS.
Here's to an epic 2016 with the release of the new Super Duty and F-150 Raptor! And two cheers for an even bigger 2017. We thank all our fans for a great year and look forward to an even bigger 2017. Happy New Year!
The all-new 2017 Super Duty needed some serious competition, so we took it to the next level. See how it did versus the mobile rock crusher in this episode of Tough Science.

Tough Science: Drag Strip Race | Super Duty | Ford

The all-new 2017 Super Duty is ready for the next level of competition – first up, the mobile jaw crusher. Take a look to see which machine takes the checker...

Minivan soccer moms? We think you mean F-150 hockey moms.

No Minivan for This Hockey Mom
Kyle Good is the true definition of a Ford Trucks man.

F-150, cleared for takeoff.

See how the Ford Transit affords this incredible family the mobility they need while traveling on their adventures.

Tough is what we do and The Pittsburgh Steelers showed up this week to earn Built Ford Tough O-Line of the Week for the 3rd time this season, congrats!

Offensive Line of the Week: Steelers
The all-new 2017 Super Duty is ready for the tough jobs needed in forestry and other industries. Check out how Seneca Sawmill puts their trucks to use.

The beauty of Ford Trucks' durability? They still look this good years later.