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"our values are superior, our view of the world is better and more generous, and our will is stronger."

Boris Johnson speaks at the United Nations after the Security Council held a minute silence to honour those affected by yesterdays attack in London
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"Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected ÔÇô to the victims themselves, and their family and friends who waved their loved ones off, but will not now be welcoming them home."

Prime Minister's statement following attack in Westminster

We will never allow the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Paris last week, in their first official visit to the capital.

Whilst there the Duke spoke of the close connections between the UK and France - "So much of our countriesÔÇÖ histories, culture and language are intertwined. Those ties of neighbours which run through our history are as powerful today as they have ever been."

Royal Visit Paris
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We're seeing progress in the fight to end wildlife crime and putting a stop to illegal poaching.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visits Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya
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"If we could hear the millions who are being coerced and exploited today, their unwavering message to us would be that we have simply not done enough."

British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft hosts a UN Security Council debate on modern slavery
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'Science transcends boundaries.'

Scientists at University of Exeter discuss the value of working as part of diverse teams. #GlobalBritain
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A positive #FutureforSomalia requires improved security and stability for its people.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson makes his first visit to Mogadishu
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There have now been 6 years of war in Syria. White Helmets volunteer Manal Abazeed tells her story and shares her hopes for the future.

Lean more about our work to support Syria here: [ Link ]
3 years after Russia illegally annexed Crimea, the UK remains steadfast that Crimea is Ukraine and must be returned.

Here's a reminder of Russia's actions:
'Only the credible prospect that those who rape will face justice can deter those who commit or commission these brutal crimes as part of a war strategy'

UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie spoke at an event marking five years of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative earlier this week: [ Link ]
'The UK has always been an example of immense diversity.' Akram Khan discusses why diversity is crucial. #GlobalBritain
52 members
6 continents
Home to 2.4 billion people

Happy #CommonwealthDay
Exclusive: Behind the scenes at the UK Mission to the UN, as the UK prepares to take on the Presidency of the Security Council.
Go behind the scenes at the UK Mission to the UN, as Ambassador Matthew Rycroft and his team prepare to set the agenda at the top table of international diplomacy - the UN Security Council.

Watch the full film: [ Link ]
HM the Queen today unveiled the Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial.

This is the story of three Foreign Office women who served
LIVE: HM the Queen unveils the Iraq & Afghanistan memorial in London
HM The Queen will today unveil the Iraq and Afghanistan memorial to honour both military and civilians who served
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

He underlined UK support for a two-state solution, concern over illegal settlements as well as the opportunity to further improve the growing UK Israel trade partnership