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Foreign Office
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C aka Alex Younger, Chief of MI6, speaks about the unique contribution MI6 Secret Intelligence Service makes to protecting Britain's national security and prosperity

Inside the Modern Day MI6

Foreign Office
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The UK has a long and proud history of exploration and conservation in Antarctica.

Sir Alan Duncan, UK Minister for the Polar Regions, joined other inspiring leaders including Sir David Attenborough, Ben Fogle and Prince Albert II of Monaco to speak about our continued efforts to protect this extraordinary part of our planet

Foreign Office

Foreign Office
12/07/2016 at 20:15. Facebook
"A humanitarian disaster is taking place before our very eyes. Some 200,000 civilians, including many children, in eastern Aleppo are cut off from food and medicine supplies. Aleppo is being subjected to daily bombings and artillery attacks by the Syrian regime, supported by Russia and Iran. Hospitals and schools have not been spared. Rather, they appear to be the targets of attack in an...
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Leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK & US speak out on Aleppo

Foreign Office
12/07/2016 at 14:32. Facebook
" NATO is the most successful military and political alliance the world has ever seen."

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson discusses his visit to NATO HQ, Brussels
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12/07/2016 at 10:41. Facebook
Prime Minister Theresa May is visiting the Gulf nations this week. The PM seeks to open a new chapter in relations between the UK and the Gulf, renewing centuries-old ties and forging a stronger partnership focused on security and prosperity with the UK’s third largest export market
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12/06/2016 at 16:38. Facebook
"What will it take to stop the horror in Aleppo?"

Russia veto a sixth United Nations Security Council resolution in five years that would have brought a ceasefire
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12/05/2016 at 19:00. Facebook
Foreign Minister Børge Brende presented a Christmas tree to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson today as a symbol of the friendship between Norway and the UK.
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Foreign Office
12/02/2016 at 16:58. Facebook
“Britain is prepared to be tough with Russia. But that does not mean it is wrong to talk and to engage.”

Boris Johnson at Chatham House
Foreign Office
12/02/2016 at 15:04. Facebook
"Global Britain can do good for the world and for itself with the projection of our values and our priorities."

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson makes his first big policy speech since his appointment
"With creativity and imagination it can be done. Britain remains ready to help."

Following meetings with the leaders of both the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visits the United Nations Buffer Zone in Nicosia
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson raises the Saltire in Cyprus for St Andrew's Day
Scotch Whisky is one of the UK's most successful exports, with 34 bottles of Scotch shipped overseas every second, to 175 countries worldwide.
"I want to pay tribute to the tremendous contribution made by the Polish community to our nation. There are now nearly 22,000 companies in the UK set up by Polish people with a further 65,000 self-employed."

Prime Minister Theresa May
"We are here for the long term."

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson reports from his first trip to Afghanistan
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visits Afghanistan this weekend.

Explore the stunning 'Unseen Afghanistan' with this aerial video from Khyber Khan.

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