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Foreign Office
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ANZAC Day marks the landing of Australian and New Zealand forces in the Gallipoli Peninsula during the First World War.

British High Commissioner Jonathan Sinclair pays tribute to the servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice then and in all conflicts since
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Horst Haase
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Foreign Office
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Happy St George's Day!

From Beirut to Brazil, FCO colleagues share what they think makes England special.
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Share this photo and join us in wishing Her Majesty The Queen a very Happy 91st Birthday
Share this photo and join us in wishing Her Majesty The Queen a very Happy 91st Birthday
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Rajesh Ranjan Karn
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Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hosts Speaker Paul Ryan and a US Congress delegation to discuss the UK-US partnership on issues including Russia, Syria & Iran
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Elias Noori
"These reports are utterly barbaric. It is for all of us across all countries, across all organisations to ensure these simple rights, that should never be denied, are upheld across all countries.

Minister for Europe Alan Duncan MP condemns the LGBT persecution taking place in Chechnya
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"City after city has been liberated including Ramadi, Fallujah and Tikrit and now attention turns to Mosul."

Tobias Ellwood visits Iraq and reiterates the UK's commitment to help free its people of Daesh rule
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Nassir Mozdic Jamal
"China has given a welcome signal of its willingness to exert pressure on the regime."

Boris Johnson addresses the Commons on the nuclear threat posed by North Korea
Sarah Mumford
Sarah Mumford
Chris Fox
"There is only one conclusion. That the Asad regime almost certainly gassed its own people"

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson updates the House on Syria
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20 years ago Princess Diana walked through a minefield to highlight the threat of landmines.

This month the UK announced it would triple its funding to continue to lead global efforts to end the threat of landmines
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Horst Haase
"demand justice for the children" Bana Alabed

"the heart-breaking truth is that this little girl's plea will not be heard. Not today" Ambassador Rycroft

This 7 year old Syria refugee asked the UN Security Council to seek justice for the people who suffered in last week's chemical attack. Russia vetoed a resolution for the eighth time
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Khaldoon Sulaiman
Karl Greenwood
Reports from international human rights organisations suggest that over 100 gay men have recently been detained in Chechnya, with some reports suggesting that at least three have been killed and many have been tortured
Reports from international human rights organisations suggest that over 100 gay men

UK condemns persecution of LGBT community in Chechnya
Chaim Ebene Narang-Diamond
Chris Hopley
Michael Duffy
"It is not too late for Russia to use its influence over Assad regime to bring Syria conflict to an end. We stand ready to engage."

UK Ambassador Matthew Rycroft addresses the UN Security Council
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Tony Palmer
Ben Duckworth
"Highly likely that Syrian regime responsible for sarin attack in Khan Sheikhoun."

Samples from last week's reported chemical weapons attack in idlib have tested positive for a nerve agent
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Paula Varley
One in two Syrians have either been killed or displaced since 2011.

International partners met at the G7 to underline their commitment to ending this tragic conflict through a sustainable political transition
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Promoting peace, tackling human trafficking, protecting human rights #GlobalBritain
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UK nationals in the EU: Facebook Live with Foreign Office Director for Consular Services
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"We the UK are here to help for the long term."

Earlier this week Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visited Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Robert Emmett
"The US strike a proportionate response to unspeakable acts."

Ambassador Matthew Rycroft addresses the UN Security Council on recent strikes on a Syrian air base
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Jenny Benfield
"Deeply concerned by shocking incident in Stockholm. Britain’s thoughts are with the victims, their families and the whole of Sweden at this time."

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson
Deeply concerned by shocking incident in Stockholm Britains thoughts are with the
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