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Europe’s well-intentioned bans on Holocaust denial have spawned a flurry of imitations — many with sinister consequences.

(October 2016)

First They Came for the Holocaust Deniers, and I Did Not Speak Out
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In the West, Adolf Hitler is the paradigmatic political villain. In much of the rest of the world, his is a legacy of “law and order,” not crimes against humanity.

(October 2016)

The Developing World Thinks Hitler Is Underrated
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From FP's Best Defense: Inside the fall of the colonel who dared to question the wisdom of the U.S. Army's commanders during the Iraq War:

Book Excerpt: When McMaster’s Former Deputy Challenged the Army’s Generals
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Foreign Policy visits a U.S. base in Syria where local forces are being trained to take back Raqqa.

U.S.-Backed Fighters in Syria Worry More about Turkey Than ISIS
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The Egyptian government is aiming to be “safe before perfect." The U.S. should help.

Read the latest from FP's James Stavridis:

Egypt Desperately Needs a Friend Right Now
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“How much longer is Russia going to continue to babysit and make excuses for the Syrian regime?" asked U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

Trump Administration Poised to Collide With Russia Over Syrian Chemical Weapons
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The world's aggregate GDP is around $74 trillion. Spoiler: the United States gets the biggest slice of that pie.

Infographic: Here’s How the Global GDP Is Divvied Up
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Walls are in season: Hungary announced yesterday it was building a new border fence along the border where it already built a fence (in 2015).

Hungary to Build (Another) Border Fence
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It bears repeating: U.S. sanctions against Russia aren't sanctions for sanctions’ sake. They're an appropriate response to the Kremlin's violations of international law.

Don’t Forget the Russia Sanctions Are Russia’s Fault
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Become an e-resident (anyone can), and four other ways to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Estonia's independence.

Five Ways You Can Celebrate Estonia’s National Day
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For years, China's state-run publishing houses kept science fiction writers out in the cold. Then the internet came along, and everything changed.

How China Became a Sci-Fi Powerhouse
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When it comes to combatting climate change, China should pick up where the United States, under Donald Trump, has left off. And it actually might.

Only China Can Save the Planet
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Deputy Assistant to the U.S. President Sebastian Gorka was once involved with far-right politicians in Hungary. He says he didn't realize they were far-right.

Trump Aide Reportedly Tied to Far-Right Hungarian Group
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The box office failure of "The Great Wall," starring Matt Damon, highlights the persistent cultural divide between American and Chinese consumers.

Is the Search for a China-Hollywood Blockbuster Doomed?
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Australia has a serious carp overpopulation problem. The government's solution? Releasing a destructive strain of carp herpes into the wild.

Australia’s Plan to Unleash Carp Herpes Into The Wild Could Backfire, Scientists Warn
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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's aggressive nationalism is now spilling over Turkey's borders — and into the map room.

(October 2016)

Turkey’s New Maps Are Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire
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In America, the "deep state" is nothing more than an easy explanation for bureaucratic infighting. In Egypt and Turkey, it's actually real.

The Deep State Comes to America
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On Thursday, Donald Trump called efforts to deport “bad dudes” to Mexico a “military operation.” But Department of Homeland Security Director John Kelly said in Mexico there will be "no, repeat, no use of military force immigration operations."

Situation Report: Iraqi Army mobilizes to take back Mosul; Germany to add more troops; Trump and Kelly on different deportation pages; and a bit more
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Europe can't blame Trump for its long-running inability to take care of its own security.

Read the latest from FP's Stephen Walt:

It’s Time for Europe’s Militaries to Grow Up
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The Trump administration seems to have several foreign policies, raising the question: who actually speaks on behalf of this White House?

The Worst and the Dimmest