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today at 04:00. Facebook
An amazing photo by Martin Tonks of a kōtare (kingfisher) helping with pest control in Lower Hutt. Kimberley
Forest & Bird
today at 02:34. Facebook
Every year, around 15,000 seabirds are killed in our fisheries. You can help by making sustainable seafood choices using our new Best Fish Guide app. It’s a simple, accurate guide that lets people make a positive difference for our oceans. Kimberley

Download the app: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Photo by Craig McKenzie
Forest & Bird
yesterday at 02:35. Facebook
After three years of research and collaboration, New Zealand’s first marine spatial plan is being released tomorrow. The Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan (Sea Change - Tai Timu Tai Pari) gives us the chance to create a healthy, sustainable and wildlife-rich Hauraki Gulf. Our marine conservation advocate Katrina Goddard has been a key member of the working group that put this plan together and...
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Forest & Bird
12/02/2016 at 23:00. Facebook
Kiwi Conservation Club are 3 days into their "12 birds of Christmas" song. Follow their page to see this kiwi take on a classic Christmas carol unfold (plus you could win some cool prizes for the kids). Kimberley
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12/02/2016 at 19:56. Facebook
We have included freshwater fish in our new #BestFishGuide for the first time and (unsurprisingly) whitebait ranks as "worst choice" because it includes the the juveniles of five species of migratory fish, four of which are "threatened". Kimberley

Download our Best Fish Guide:

DOC investigates as whitebait catches decline

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12/02/2016 at 03:23. Facebook
Did you see our marine advocate Katrina Goddard on Breakfast this morning? She showed Hilary Barry how our new #BestFishGuide works and talked about how you can make sustainable seafood choices to protect our oceans. Kimberley

Download the app:
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12/02/2016 at 01:00. Facebook
Top work from our Nelson Branch where volunteers pulled out 3,300 wilding pines on Farewell Spit to restore the habitat to its original form! Wilding pines smother the native vegetation, so it's best to pull them out before they get too big. Kimberley

Forest and Bird volunteers pull out 3300 wilding pines on Farewell Spit

Forest & Bird
12/01/2016 at 21:09. Facebook
If you don't have a smart phone but want to use our new #BestFishGuide to make sustainable seafood choices, don't worry! We have created a PDF that you can download, print and carry with you! Visit the link below to learn more about our guide and download it. Kimberley

About – Best Fish Guide

Forest & Bird
12/01/2016 at 03:22. Facebook
I tried them at the launch today and they are 'yum". You can try them too. The recipe is on our updated 2017 Best Fish Guide app. The links to the iTunes or Google Play sites for the downloads to the iPhone or Android versions at . Thank you The Collective, thank you Angus. Phil
Forest & Bird
12/01/2016 at 02:00. Facebook
Our south-east oceans deserve 30% marine protection. They are home to an amazing array of species and habitats, including deep sea canyons, bryozoan beds, rich kelp forests and threatened species such as yellow-eyed penguin and New Zealand sea lions. Submit to help protect our southern seas. Kimberley

Submit: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Forest & Bird
11/30/2016 at 23:35. Facebook
It's here! We just launched our #BestFishGuide - New Zealand's only independent guide to sustainable seafood. We hope it will help you all to make good seafood choices and be a hero for our oceans. Kimberley

Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Download on iOS: [ Apple.co Link ]
Download on Android: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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11/30/2016 at 21:36. Facebook
We're live in Wellington launching our new Best Fish Guide to help consumers make sustainable seafood choices! Kimberley

Download it now:
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11/29/2016 at 23:00. Facebook
Want to win some cool prizes for the kids this Christmas? Follow Kiwi Conservation Club's page as they start December with the "12 birds of Christmas". They'll post a new bird every day and all you have to do is comment on their post with a fact about that bird. Kimberley

Read more:

Competitions – Kiwi Conservation Club

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11/29/2016 at 20:00. Facebook
Spot the yellow-eyed penguin porpoising out at Saunders Canyon, one of the proposed marine reserve sites in our south-east oceans. Submissions on a series of marine reserve and MPA proposals are open until December 20. Sue

Submit now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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11/29/2016 at 07:44. Facebook
A group of mischievous kea have been caught on camera directing traffic on a popular tourist route. Being hit by cars and getting injured in tourist locations is a real threat to these alpine parrots, which are endangered. You can help by not feeding kea when you're visiting popular tourist locations. Kimberley

Kea direct traffic after shifting road cones at Homer Tunnel

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11/29/2016 at 04:00. Facebook
We're launching our brand new Best Fish Guide app, with more species and recipes than ever before to help you make sustainable seafood choices. Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to download it when we launch on Thursday! Kimberley

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New app reveals the most sustainable fish to eat

Dr Rochelle Constantine recently led an expedition to the Kermadec She spoke to Kim Hill on RNZ about the unique underwater world in the Kermadecs. Kimberley

Rochelle Constantine

As summer approaches and our thoughts turn to the outdoors, it’s time to think about our rivers, lakes and native species that make their homes in or around our freshwater. Murky practices have brought our freshwater into crisis and nature needs your help to fight for freshwater.

Please make a donation today: [ Forestandbird.org.nz Link ]


Do you like watching nature documentaries? Sarah from The Centre for Science Communication is doing research on What people like about natural history documentaries and needs people to do a quick survey. Can you help her by doing it? :) Kimberley


Good news from our friends at Solarcity - they've just won an award for most innovative new service at the annual Sustainable Electricity Association! Jess