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What happens when vegan, Paleo, and low-fat diet experts meet up in the same room?

What the World's Top Nutrition Experts Agree On
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Potato humor. :)
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REVIEW: "I made this last night. This is now my very favorite recipe. It has a rich satisfying flavor and leaves me feeling full without all the bellyaches from the dairy version. Five stars."

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"Adam was known for food posts that were usually centered around his love for bacon and burgers. He was about as meat-oriented as anyone I have ever met.

Adam texted me to tell me he was ready for a change. I was shocked, pleased, and, of course, supportive when he suggested going fully plant-based for 30 days."

Cardiologistโ€™s Case Study: A Patientโ€™s Lab Results After 30 Days on a Plant-Based Diet
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We love this crisp and refreshing cucumber side salad from SporkFoods!

Asian Cucumber and Sea Vegetable Salad
"Before attending his program, I had never had a doctor tell me I was in control of my health. I had always thought I was a victim of my genetics."

How Whole Foods Market Changed My Life Forever
"The next time your blood glucose is running abnormally high and youโ€™re inclined to blame the fruits or starchy vegetables, ask yourself a simple question: how much fat have I been eating over the past 24-72 hours?"

Top 3 Diabetes Myths, Busted: Fruit, Starchy Vegetables, and Blood Glucose
"Worrying about eating only fresh, local, or organic foods is folly when you were eating fast food and Ring Dings a few weeks ago. Since choosing whole plants is the most important thing you can do for both your health and the world around us, be sure that priority is well taken care of before seeking loftier goals."

7 Keys to Success on a Healthy Vegan Diet
"Going vegan put me at my optimum weight (I lost weight but not strength), so now my ratio is better. Going vegan also eliminated the knee aches I used to have in the winter."

World Champion Freerunner Tim Shieff Leaps Buildings, Dangles from Bridges
"I sleep well and wake up every morning at 5:30 feeling amazing. My mood is great and I have a lot of energy. For a 51-year-old woman who used to have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, this is amazing."

How I Cured My Chronic Pain with a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet
Enjoy this comforting Shepherd's Pie for St. Paddy's Day.

REVIEW: "Simple and delicious! Even my teenage son liked it. I loved the fresh flavor."

Shepherd's Pot Pie
REVIEW: "This was superb. I followed the recipe as-is with minor ; exceptions. I make vegetable and bean soups on at least a weekly basis, but this one really has something special about it. Will make again for sure."

Zingy Italian White Bean Soup Recipe
"The rate at which people in China and Japan are getting diabetes has skyrocketed in the past decade and is now very similar to the incidence in the United States. However, China has seven times less obesity and Japan has eight times less obesity than the United States."

Is White Rice to Blame for Skyrocketing Type 2 Diabetes in China?
For your St. Patrick's Day dinners!

REVIEW: "Finishing up leftovers of this from Sunday-YUM! :D Lots of flavor and very filling. Thanks for a great recipe!"

Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew - Plant-Based Vegan Recipe
"In March of 2015, my daughter was overweight, addicted to food, and on three medications to control ADHD. One of the medications had also caused her to become prediabetic. She was lethargic, slept all the time, and got out of breath just walking to the car."

How My Daughter Got off ADHD Meds, Reversed Prediabetes, and Started Thriving on a WFPB Diet
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"Possibly the most chilling effect of the livestock industry is how it alters our planet in ways that change its composition forever."

How The Livestock Industry Endangers Biodiversity